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  1. My 21 year old grandaughter recently took her car for MOT. She had won a voucher for a free MOT at a local garage in a raffle - not the garage she normally uses and not one she would probably have considered otherwise. It failed spetacularly and they quoted her £700 for repairs - fortunately she had the sense to decline and walk away. She subsequently presented the car for MOT at another trusted garage. Result - no problems and a pass. Clearly the first garage was at fault and needs to be reported for this as they must be doing this on an ongoing basis to anyone who is prepared to fall for it. Clearly they need to be reported for this practice but we are unsure as to who is the relevent authority. I think Trading Standards may be the way to go but I would appreciate any advice on this.
  2. I bought a ticket from a machine for a car park patrolled by Minster Baywatch. I bought a ticket for 2 hours' parking and clearly displayed it on the windscreen. I returned after an hour and a half and had been issued with a ticket with a charge of £100 reducing to £60 if paid within a fortnight. The reason given was that a valid permit was not displayed. This is very confusing as I had paid for parking and was not aware that a permit was also required. I doubt their appeals procedure as any appeal forfeits the right to reduced payment. I really don't know where I stand on this. Should they have accepted my money? I know that in the past this kind of ticket could be ignored and they would give up and go away but I don't know if this is still the case.
  3. Thank you. She has closed the bank account used and opened a new one. Inconvenient but better for peace of mind. She has so far had £16 for postage taken - they will request payment for the goods 14 days after the order was placed but the bank account is no longer operational.
  4. A friend was recently caught by this [problem] offering 'free trial', not realising that she was actually signing up for a monthly supply on a continuous payment arrangement. Money for postage was debited from her card but alarm bells began to ring and she cancelled card and removed all funds from her account so that no further money could be taken. She did cancel as per their instructions after realising the difficulties people had when trying to get money refunded. So the goods arrived and payment cannot be taken so there can be no refund problem. However there is no trading address on the website (which I believe is not legal) so there was no way of knowing where the goods had been sent from. On cancelling she was instructed to return the goods to an address in the Netherlands by signed for delivery. This will be expensive, so having been completely and deliberately misled by this company she intends to bin them. I don't think this company can have any legal redress on this as they are certainly not adhering to UK distance selling regulations. I would appreciate any advice on the legal implications of this. It is impossible to speak to them - only a message can be left and they ignore.
  5. The [problem] continues. They are still operating in the same way but from the Netherlands.
  6. That's what concerns me, apart from the immorality of trying to persuade people to make fraudulent claims. Surely there should be a data protection issue.
  7. Since being involved in a very minor, no fault accident, where no one was injured, I have been harassed by numerous companies encouraging me to claim for compensation which could be up to £3000. It was suggested that I might suffer twinges due to tightening of the seat belt or possibly getting a headache in the next few weeks which could be attributed to the accident. I was even informed that the other party had claimed even though I know she was not injured - she was very apologetic. Apparently this money has to be set aside, by law and if not claimed goes into the insurer's pocket so I might as well have it!!(I was told). I believe that the only way these companies could have acquired the details would have been from the Insurance companies involved - Aegeas in our case and Halifax in the case of the third party. This practice surely needs to be stopped and must be in breach of data protection. I cannot believe that this practice is legal and if it is then the law needs to be changed.
  8. I have also passed on information to Watchdog. I have also contacted the Chairman of the Foresters' Fund for Children who has promised to take it up with Vision. It appears to be a bona fide charity so they surely cannot afford to be associated with this.
  9. It seems that this company has now reappeared calling itself Visiongroup. They phoned trying to sell advertising to us but we refused and after receiving an email confirming that the advertising was booked and could not be cancelled and attaching 'artwork' for approval (a screenshot from our website), I did some research and came across the above thread. They are obviously the same people. I responded saying that if they attempted to contact us again I would consult my solicitor. So far I have heard nothing further. Attempting to hoodwink businesses by pretending to support a children's charity is disgraceful - surely they are breaking the law and can be charged with fraud.
  10. I wonder if anyone can advise. My daughter was involved in an accident earlier this year. Each driver blamed the other and my daughter recently received a letter from Hastings to the effect that it was her fault. They paid the claim and deducted the rest of her monthly payments for the year from it. She has now received a letter from the other party's insurers to the effect that Hastings have not settled their claim within the stipulated period and they will now be suing my daughter personally for the claim. This is very worrying and upsetting and I fail to see how it can be possible when insurance has been paid in full. Should she seek legal advice? Is there any regulatory body for insurance companies to whom she can complain?
  11. I would appreciate it if anyone could advise on this. My daughter is insured with Hastings Direct. She was recently involved in an accident on a mini roundabout. Each driver is blaming the other. It was a low speed bump but her car was written off as a category C due to its age. (The other driver is making spurious injury claims but that is another matter, no one was injured and she has legal expenses insurance.) She has had to purchase another vehicle ASAP because of work and has transferred the insurance and expected a refund - her new car is insurance group 8, as opposed to 25 for the other car. This has not happened. Hastings explained that this is because she has now lost her no claims bonus (four years) and the pesent car is newer (by two years). There has been no apportioning of fault as yet. This does not make sense as I believe it is normal for no claims bonus to be applied at renewal rather than part way through the contract, and for her to lose the whole of her no claims bonus at this point seems odd particularly since fault has not yet been determined. Can anyone shed any light on this, please.
  12. Similar situation here except that park had been taken over by PPC since the last time I parked there which was some time ago. It was dark, car park unlit, no signs at entrance although there were signs inside which I failed to see - I was not expecting them anyway. The notice was headed 'Civil Penalty Charge Notice' and states that 'It is an offence for an unauthorised person to remove or interfere with this notice.' They requested 80.00 reduced to 60.00 if paid within 14 days AND 'ALL APPEALS SHOULD BE ACCOMPANIED BY FULL PAYMENT' 'Appeals that do not include full payment will not be accepted.' Naturally I ignored this as I do not believe any appeal is possible once they have the money, which is the object of the exercise. I have now received Notice to Owner with threats of Court action etc. I believe that they are in breach of the law on several counts but naturally the threat of court action is worrying. I would appreciate any advice.
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