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  1. There was no order for costs. There was no hearing - it was judged on documents alone. It cost the claimant £50 to bring the case though.
  2. Thank you for help and advice. The claim was dismissed. 'The court prefers the defendant's evidence.'
  3. I couldn't access Moneyclaim and I don't have Adobe on my phone. I have therefore typed out the witness statement. The English is a little strange in places but the claimant is Polish and English is not her first language. I have typed it verbatim.
  4. I don't have hard copy. She submitted her documents to my daughter by email, as photo attachments which my daughter then forwarded to me. I'm not able to save and attach. I could copy verbatim.
  5. Is it allowed to add to what has already been submitted?
  6. Thank you for your replies. Just an update - the hearing is set for the 9th June on paper. The only real documentary evidence that the claimant has submitted are MOT with advisory Oil leak but not excessive 8.4.1 (a)(i). (December 2019) She includes as evidence a screenshot of government description: Other environmental items. 8.4.1 Fluid leaks. 'A leak of fluids such as engine coolant, screen wash, and fluid required for selective catalyst reduction are not reasons for failure.' (after detailing how testing should be done) In her words: 'fault not mentioned
  7. Thank you for your replies. Your advice is much appreciated. We are at the stage where the claimant is required to pay the hearing fee by the 12th May - the case is to be heard on paper. She is offering to accept £100 in settlement. The repair to the oil leak (oil filter housing seal) was £197.07 - my daughter had been professionally advised that it would be around £200. There is no evidence of any further repair being required. My daughter has submitted MOT certificate which states as advisory '8.4.1(a)(i). Oil leak not excessive' (MOT dated 28th November 2019) The claimant h
  8. Hi. A little time has gone by but the purchaser of the car is taking my daughter to court. She is basing her claim on the fact that the oil leak was not revealed and has submitted as proof the MOT advisory. This states 'Oil leak but not excessive (8.4.1.(a) (i).' She insists that 8.4.1. refers to fluid leaks but not to engine oil! This was discussed at the time of purchase, despite the fact that she claims it wasn't and the reduction in price was not to take account of the cost of repair but was due to haggling the price down. My daughter submitted her witness statement and evidence to the cou
  9. That seems to be all that can be done at the moment and there is no option but to ignore. It's very likely that there will be further communication, maybe with an address. I am suspicious about the apparent reticence to supply an address but maybe I am overthinking. I will suggest to my daughter that she drafts a letter. Thank you for your help.
  10. Thank you for that. No, there is no address on the letter so unless there is a further communication it is impossible to respond. We seem to be dealing with a very strange mentality here, so they might be prepared to take this to court for the £197.07 it has cost to repair when this was allowed for in the price - pretty close to the estimate of £200 given by my daughter's garage.
  11. The letter was delivered today. I have tried to scan but my scanner isn't working very well. I have copied the points she makes So the whole issue has arisen over the question of the oil leak. It was on the MOT, which she saw, as an advisory and she was told about this on the day, together with the fact that it had been checked and the repair would be about £200. The car was advertised at £2250 (after research into prices for minis of a similar age and condition) and the buyer was informed that this was subsequently reduced to £2000 to take into account the
  12. Thank you for your replies. She will pick up the letter but maybe not for a day or two due to work commitments. I will let you know the contents. At the moment she has no intention of accepting return of the car, nor of reducing the price further as it already reflects the cost of repair. The purchasers were aware that the price had been reduced to take account of this. I understand that the conditions for selling a car privately are: The seller should own the car It should be in a safe and roadworthy condition It should not be the subject of
  13. Hi Following letter to DVLA, they have confirmed that they have updated their records and she is no longer registered keeper. They have just sent a letter recorded delivery to be signed for. There was no one in to sign for it and the buyers have emailed copy of track and trace and it is at the sorting office awaiting collection - the postman also left a card to this effect. My daughter has neither the time nor the inclination to collect it - she suffers from panic attacks, although I feel, rightly or wrongly that it needs to be dealt with. As well as advising them
  14. We don't know this - just suspected as they took the V5 to save her the trouble. I think the same thought had occurred to you. We know the name as it was on bank transfer together with reg no of car as reference. Despite being asked for their address, they did not give it. (The car has been seen on the road in a very clean and shiny condition.) We just wonder if they are trying bullying tactics to get her to refund some of the money to sell on at a better profit. All conjecture but nothing seems to add up. They were quite happy to buy at the price with the disclosed fault. There were no other
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