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  1. i dealt with that company a few years ago and was in a kinda simialar situation paid about three and a half years of a five year deal they didnt repossess the car but did hound me for the outstanding arrears which was nearly double my original contract with all the added charges to save it going dwm the legal route they sent me a solicitors letter agreeing to a 25% reduction if i paid in full. so a dont think they will reposses your car but may hound you for the money

  2. hi, can anyone advise me i am in the process of joining a debt management program i have paid half of the required money to them and was very happy with the way things were going untill the car finance company that i was dealing with said that they do not deal with dept managment company,s and if i do do continue to pay them they will reposses the car , but dont want to join if i have to pay both can anyone advise thanks :confused:

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