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  1. Thank you for coming back to me. Yes the notice dropped of my CRF as it was over the 6 year period. I will send off a CCA request
  2. I have today received a letter from HSBC saying that my credit card account debt has been sold to Cabot as of July 2017 and I should arrange to continue to pay them not HSBC and HSBC will not correspond with me anymore. This relates to a credit card that defaulted in 2011 and I have been paying them back an agreed sum of money each month and always maintained payments. Having had run ins before with other collection companies I wonder if anyone could help with my concerns? - My payment agreement is with HSBC and now Cabot now seem to want way more than I can physically afford a
  3. The client isnt happy and I agree, however the employee doesnt. Would anyone have a link to HMRC for details on this?
  4. Thank you. Would anyone have a link to any useful website that could confirm
  5. I wonder if anyone can help as I am not finding the correct information anywhere or getting confusing answers. I have an employee that is claiming mileage to visit a clients offices. As I understand it he can claim from the normal place of work to the client offices but not from home direct to the clients offices. I have tried to look on HMRC but it doesnt really help. The contract with the client says reasonable expenses are to be paid, therefore mileage could be recovered, however they too have raised the query on why they are paying from his home. Any thoughts
  6. Thanks for the quick response. A number of other parents have started to get together as they do not like what is being said and what is happening. The case can be found on google and on local papers websites. I am trying to offer support as an impartial person to a very upset individual
  7. Sorry for not getting back sooner. The complaint is one of bullying against a member of staff. So far nothing has been proved to the contrary and nothing is stacking up to support the claim, however the reputational damage to the person the complaint is about could be quite damaging. The CPO that took the statement has publically announced to others on numerous occasions the personal dislike for the person and has expressed her wishes on getting the person removed from the club. There has been accusations already that false claims have been made and other parents in the club have been contact
  8. The CPO isnt registered with anyone but only takes the role as a voluntary position within the club. No DBS is held with the governing body either. Should i raise this with the local council?
  9. Sorry please excuse. The CPO works for a sports organisation and is signed up to the sports governing body, however they are never quick as responding to anything !!. The CPO and the child were the only two people in the room and no one else. The child I think is either 14 or 15
  10. A statement taken by a child protection officer who is known to falsify statements and has a history of fraud. The statement was taken in a changing room behind closed doors and with no other person present. The child is under 16s years of age.
  11. I am sorry if this is in the wrong location and please move if necessary. Could some please explain if it is legal to take a statement from a child, concerning a bullying case, when no other adult is present with the child other than a so called child protection officer, and then get the said child who is under 18 to sign the document in front of that person? The main element of the concern is that there is no witness to the way in which the questioning was undertaken and if the statement is a true reflection of the conversation with the child - taking into account the adult who took the sta
  12. If anyone could offer some advice on employment rights/laws etc I work for company "A" on secondment into a clients offices. I notified the client that I was intending to leave my company at which point the secondment client looked for ways and means to keep me. A company called "B" provides contract staff to the secondment client and I had been asked by the client to speak with them so they can retain my services for the next 2 years. Up to this point it is pretty straight forward. Company "B" have a contract in place with Company "A" to supply them contract staff to outso
  13. Yes the payment plan is still in place with the original creditor and I am still paying.
  14. I have a debt with LTSB credit card. I sent a CCA and SAR to them back in March 2011, of which they were unable to supply me with a signed copy of the CCA and suggested that by me using the card I accepted the T&C's - I disputed this many, many times and challenged them to take it further which they did not. During the communications during this time I entered into a debt management plan with them at an agreed price per month and have been paying this for over 3 years now. Over the last 2 years I have only had 3 statements from them. The last correspondence wa
  15. I have just checked with my CRA and for this account it shows as still active and not settled which it should be as of Friday 10th May. Can I change this at all?
  16. I am having trouble with Three Mobile Boradband and would like advice if possible. I held a contract with them for over 18months and called on 10th April this year to cancel my contract. After numerous sales pitches by the representative I finally got to the person which I gave my 30day notice of cancellation of contract. I was told that I could cancel my direct debit after the payment for May 2013 had been taken, which I did not mind as it was only £5.00. Up until last week I have not heard from them nor had any correspondance. I took a phone call from Three on 27
  17. I have been renting a property for 2 years and have recently taken on a further 12month contract. During this time I have been buying household items for as/when I get a place of my own. I now longer require a lot of the items, sofa, bed, washing machine etc and they are taking up a place in the spare room. Can I ask the landlord to remove these items as I no longer need them? I am not asking for a change in rent just would like to get my spare room back and empty a few items. Any advice would be appreciated
  18. Under a joint tenancy agreement me and my ex had it was always split down the middle. Both our names are on the utility bills etc. She hasnt paid for 5 months and is refusing to do so. I have been paying my half but the accounts are not being paid in full. Any advice?
  19. Thanks for the information. Is there any part of the forum that could offer more information on injunctions or restraints?
  20. I will keep it short as I can but my close friend ex-girlfriends split with him last week after 4years. Normally this wouldnt be a problem however my friend has been off work for a number of months with major depression disorder and anxiety and taking numerous medicines and counseling to help. With all help we were making very good progress and kept on top of the situation so my friends was very positive - then when she left things have gone significantly worse. She is constantly sending one liner comments and 'like' tags to his friends on facebook which is really getting him
  21. Thanks for the reply. Is there a template type letter or information I should note in particualr
  22. Having checked my credit file I have noticed that my score has dropped due to Hillisden adding a default and partially settled claim against my file. It shows up as Hire Purchase from Hillesden Securities I have never had a hire purchase agreement with Hillesden and in fact it was with Hire Purchase from Bank of Scotland. Both carry the same reference number and both show up that a default and settlement has occurred. I did originally default with Bank of Scotland and then Hillesden wrote to me threatening to take me to court etc which I know is common practice.
  23. After a long running battle with HSBC over PPI reclaim on a loan the FOS have upheld my complaint. The bank wrote to me with an offer of £x plus 8% interest. I dare not put too much detail on here as the bank clerk on the phone stated that he was aware foolish people are using such forums to get an answer and they are often wrong - spelling out if I do not accept what they offer within 6 weeks then I get nothing. I know there are a number of calculators out there but I am confused. If my PPI was £63 and I paid 36months of payments I know I am entitled to the cost plus 8% but I h
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