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  1. hi can anyone tell me if i have a case, i tokk out loans with welcome finance and it included ppi, i told them i had to and it was put on in advance, i informed them i didnt want it but they said i had to or i couldnt get the loan and made me sign something, also i had loans with household bank were i had payment protections, unfortunatley i think i may of claimed and also defaulted on the loans, i do not have account number etc, does anyone know if i have a claim. can we also claim of credit cards
  2. doesnt sound too good a place were u work diamond girl, im sure they couldnt take 15 minutes of u for clocking off 50 seconds early
  3. thanks diamond girl, any help would be grateful, so your job like most lol
  4. thanks diamond girl that would be great, hope to hear from you soon
  5. i did it all online i have no signed agreements, i have e-mailed them explaining my situation and have made them offers
  6. i have numerous payday loans i have been borrowing off one to pay the other, i defaulted on some, and basically unable to pay the others, if i cancel my direct debits and report my card lost, can these companies still take money out of bank
  7. does anyone know if i cancel my payday loan direct debit and cancel my debit card can payday loan companies still tke money out
  8. i have told them to delete my work number so fingers crossed, to be honest if the worse comes to worse i could go bankrupt and then they would get nothing
  9. thanks i will, i have emailed the companies making offers and in mean time i have changed my bank account, i know it sounds a cop out i didnt think i had a choice as i think they will still try and claim the money, and i hac=ve requested they contact me via e-mail and not phone calls especially to work
  10. i know but a colleague of mine was on a dmp and didnt tell them she had a catalogue they found out and stopped the dmp
  11. i think the worse thing is when they ring work, i will let u know, let us know how you get on with cccs
  12. i am in process of sending e-mails to these companies so fingers crossed, i shall let u know what heappens unless my mrs finds out and gets to me first lol
  13. do u think if i contacted cccs they would help or would they cancel my agreement with them for taking on more credit, what payment offers did u offer
  14. hi, i am in a lot of debt with the result of payday loans, i owe poundstillpayday 650 plus interest, qq 350 plus interest, paydayuk 300, capitalfinaceone 195, tower 124 and wonga 343 plus interst, i am struggling to pay even the interest each month, i am also on a dmp with consumer credit counselling service to repay my larger debts but i took these payday loans out after the dmp was set up as i had a number of personal debts to pay off which i have now done, in theory after i have paid all my priority bills and my monthly payment to cccs i am still stuggling and left with approx 200 to juggle
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