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  1. i have just recieved mey pre-advice notice from nat west bank and have been charged, as follows:



    £38.00 FOR UNPAID ITEM


    TOTALLING £113.95


    is this ok for them to do this, or anyone got any ideas to stop these, also i was recently charged over £60 for being 2p overdrawn

  2. i have numerous debts, i have 1 lloyds loan, 1 household bank loan, 1 welcome finace loan, capital one credit card, 5 catalogu loans, 2 hp agreements all of which are being dealt with by cccs, but recently i have had to take payday loans to pay of persoanl debts, i owe ptp 850, paydayuk 300, paydayloans 343, wonga 433, tower 124, i am unable to repay these, i pay cccs 110 per month i have child maintenance to pay and rent, if i could put all these in one basket i would be able to pay around 200-250 per month, anyone got any suggestions, i think if i o back to cccs they will stop my plan due to getting extra credit

  3. i have 4 loan accounts, 1 credit card account, 2 hp accounts, 5 catalogue accounts, all of these are under cccs now, but i have previous loans that have been paid off but dont know the account numbers

  4. due to me not be able to keep up with the payments i have for loans my accounts were defaulted and sent to dca, but the amounts they sent included ppi, is there any way of getting this took of to reduce my debts

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