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  1. new to this dony understand what u mean
  2. what does that mean, bank reclaiming process to my signature
  3. so i shall get no were fast then haha
  4. i know, i will ring them now see what that have to say, any ideas of what to say
  5. i have it for holiday insurance and mobile phone insurance
  6. had a couple of charges no refunds, i only wemt o/d by 2p and got chrged nearly £60, they just palmed me of and i paid charges
  7. they coming out my bank on 21st july, so was going to ring them, any ideas what to say to them
  8. what about the other charges that they have just charged me
  9. no, should cancel it but are these charges legal in any way
  10. i have just recieved mey pre-advice notice from nat west bank and have been charged, as follows: £28.00 MAINTENANCE CHARGE £12.95 SUBSCRIPTION TO ADVANTAGE GOLD £38.00 FOR UNPAID ITEM £35.00 FOR GUARNTEED CARD PAYMENT TOTALLING £113.95 is this ok for them to do this, or anyone got any ideas to stop these, also i was recently charged over £60 for being 2p overdrawn
  11. i know i was ok when got on cccs but recently been told they work for the banks, and had to get some payday loans so i dont think they would carry on with me
  12. does anyone know if you can reclaim ppi if you claimed on it, also who are best companies to help u reclaim
  13. i have a dmp with cccs but if i tell them i have more credit they will stop my dmp, u know anymore companies
  14. do i ask for all my details or will they send stuff on me
  15. sorry if i appear to be stupid, but is that in general ppi information
  16. ok and what do i ask them
  17. who i ring the company or dca
  18. i have numerous debts, i have 1 lloyds loan, 1 household bank loan, 1 welcome finace loan, capital one credit card, 5 catalogu loans, 2 hp agreements all of which are being dealt with by cccs, but recently i have had to take payday loans to pay of persoanl debts, i owe ptp 850, paydayuk 300, paydayloans 343, wonga 433, tower 124, i am unable to repay these, i pay cccs 110 per month i have child maintenance to pay and rent, if i could put all these in one basket i would be able to pay around 200-250 per month, anyone got any suggestions, i think if i o back to cccs they will stop my plan due to getting extra credit
  19. i have 4 loan accounts, 1 credit card account, 2 hp accounts, 5 catalogue accounts, all of these are under cccs now, but i have previous loans that have been paid off but dont know the account numbers
  20. due to me not be able to keep up with the payments i have for loans my accounts were defaulted and sent to dca, but the amounts they sent included ppi, is there any way of getting this took of to reduce my debts
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