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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. After filing my claim with MCOL on 06/11 I recieved my cheque for the full claim this morning including court fee and interest (£679.96) along with what seemed like an auto genertated letter. What a Christmas present. Thanks to anyone who posted a reply to my queries. Next up Marbles/HFC! M_J
  3. Sammy I too am at this stage with Smile see this post: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/smile/46215-mcol-smile-what-your.html I'll be sure to update it when i get my money back. Good Luck!!
  4. Thanks Gazzah. Today Smile have officially acknowledged the claim giving them until 9th of December. I hope you're right and they settle soon. M
  5. Hi I filed my MCOL claim against Smile about a week ago and as of the 11th of November it is deemed served by MCOL. Could anyone share their experience of getting to this stage? Did Smile file a defence? Did you receive what you asked for before the initial 14 day deadline? Did you have to go to court? What timeframe did it happen in? Any comments welcomed. I desperately want my money back before Christmas, is this realistic? M
  6. Nice one Chutney. I just filed my MCOL claim online as the time's up and i'm not waiting around, especially as xmas is approaching!
  7. Hi I’ll try and keep this brief. After following the guide on this site i'm now at the stage where Smile have replied to my letter acknowledging i want my charges back (before i got a standard "we're sorry your not happy" letter). In the latest letter that was sent after they received my LBA they apologise for the delay in getting back to me regarding my claim for charges and hope to be in touch very soon, they also state that if they believe there will be any further delays they will contact me. Now if i was to follow out what i said in the LBA i should be filling my moneyclaim tom
  8. Hi Posted a SAR off on 8th of October to the Data Controller, Marbles, Po Box 3607, Birmingham B1 2XJ. As the account is an old one that is now closed i didn't supply account details but supplied two previous addresses where i lived while i had the card. I also sent 3 photocopies of ID. Stupidly as i was in a hurry i didn't send the letter recorded. The £10 cheque has not been cashed and i've had no letter confirming reciept. Any suggestions on what i should do? Thanks M.
  9. Thanks AC I thought about this overnight and realised that I actually used to have a marbles card not a Goldfish card! I feel like such a muppet. In my defense it was a long time ago and the cards look similar. SAR sent to Marbles this morning. Doh!!!!
  10. Hi all I sent my SAR to Goldfish on the 18th of September to thier Canary Wharf address in London but to date the cheque has not been cashed and i have had no acknowledgement of the request. However i sent the letter recorded delivery and that is showing as being delivered a couple of days after the 18th. What should i do? Should i resend to the Scotland address that most people use or just keep waiting? Any thoughts or advice welcomed. M_J_
  11. Many thanks to both of you, it's astounding that the charge can be called this. That means i've added an extra £100 onto my claim. Will post when i recieve my money back. M
  12. Hi. I recieved my statements today from Smile promptly after my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letter. Going through my statements a £20 debit (and £40 on one occasion) under the term 'commission' appears some months. It is'nt noted as a charge in the part of the statement that details the charges for the period so i'm confused as to whether or not i should claim them back. I'm pretty sure it's not related to something i have knowingly paid for ie currency or card transactions Anyone have any thoughts? M_J
  13. Hi all Quick question here. I’ve written to Smile regarding getting the statements/adjustments etc using the BAG template for an account that is now closed and received the letter back acknowledging it “We will respond in 40 days etc etc” Only problem is they wrote to me at the address where the account was registered last (my parents address luckily). My question is; should I just leave things as they are to avoid delays (the folks are happy to forward the mail) or should I write back to Smile and ask them to re-read my letter that clearly stated I had moved and gave my curr
  14. Hi I've read the FAQ and just wanted to be 200% sure i'm doing everything correctly. Am I right in thinking that any penalty charge applied to my account in the last six years can be claimed back for the full amount as it appears on the statement? i.e. CHG = £38 means I can claim £38 Sorry if this is obvious, just checking. M
  15. Noted guys thanks, will do the DPA letter now, thanks very much for the advice.
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