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  1. I looked at that - it's an excellent document!! It does, however, assume a level of legal knowledge which, if I had it, I probably wouldn't need to ask the questions I'm asking...... it's like being given a technical manual for an application that assumes I already know how to programme in that language...... I need something that assumes I don't know the ins and outs of the legal equivalent of HTML, C++, or whatever...........? Don't think I'm being ungrateful - far from it, I just need a little more detail to kick-start me. Cheers R/
  2. Thank you Cerberus Alert! If the Ts and Cs are on the flip-side of the page and not visible on the page that contains the signature - does that mean it's not within the four corners.......? What about if they refer out to external documents that are not part of the signed document.....? What if the original was legible but the copy supplied is not......? Apologies for more questions, but if I'm going to take them on, I'd rather be "watertight" from Day 1, as I'm sure you understand! In terms of the link you sent me, this looks like a request under the CCA, rather than the
  3. Hi all, Here's the story so far........ My Subject Access Request was delivered by recorded post to MBNA on 20/4/2009 and I received their response today (17/6/2009). I make that a total of 58 days, as opposed to the statutory 40 days. I submitted a complaint to the ICO on 11th June to highlight this breach. In my original request I stated the following: Please send me the information which I am entitled to under section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to Account Numbers 4129 xx xx 8059 and 4129 xx xx 1240. Please would you also advise me of the logic inv
  4. Many thanks! The thread is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/204982-mbna-cca-again.html#post2233465
  5. Post removed and thread restarted here
  6. Post removed and thread restarted here
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  8. Agreement was signed by me on 24/1/2000. It looks like a poor scan! I tried scanning it to post but the important text just looks like patterned shading even at 1600 DPI resolution! The small print was SMALL to start with, when you then reduce it from A4 to A5 it's minuscule and almost unreadable!!
  9. Post removed and thread restarted here
  10. I've just read all this with much amusement - you guys are GREAT!! I guess this gives me a taste of what I'm about to embark on - not relishing it now I've read Capricorn 1601, by the same standard, I'd be Capricorn 0801 - is it something about Capricorns that we love a bit of a fight? I've just received the responses to my two SARs from MBNA - one is for A&L and they don't have a copy of my original signed agreement...... what a shame!! Should be relatively straight-forward but any suggestions on wording for a letter would be good as I'm new to this stuff! For MBNA themselves,
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