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  1. All I wonder if you can offer some guidance. My partner had a welcome finance loan in 1997 which he defaulted on in 2003. This debt by now would be statute barred as he has had no contact with them. He was traced by Ruthbridge & Hillsden Security in 2006 saying that they were taking over the debt and were looking to recover the money (not sure why it took 3 years for this). They advised via email that he made a payment in August 2004 which he did not. They will not even tell him where this payment was made or how. On his credit file they have issued two defaults (there were originally two loans). It says on his credit file start date 31/03/2003 which is when he defaulted with Welcome Finance. Then says date last delinquest 07/06 and date updated 06/11/2006. How can he go about removing these two defaults as they should not have been put on his credit file and is this legal.
  2. thanks, they also put ruthbridge onto him ie some very unlawful letters, hs put 2 defaults for different addresses, even state wrong date on the default. They stated that welcome told them the aggreement date was 2003, 2003 was the year welcome defaulted me. Has anyone else had the same thing done to them, as any other advice would be helpful Debt collection library
  3. All, I was wondering if you could help. My partner had a loan with Welcome Finance. January 2003 it showed on his credit file as a default - he has not made any payments or had any contact with Welcome since before this time. Therefore, this should be statute barred. Welcome then sold the debt to Hillsden in 2006 and this is when Hillsdens issued the two defaults at two different addresses. He received a letter address to the occupier last week from Ruthbridge chasing this debt. Hillsden are also involved. He has not made any payments to anyone and advised Hillsden of this and informed them that the debt should be statuted barred. He has now received a letter from Hillsden advising he has made a payment on the 15th August 2004 which he definetely has not. How can he prove this is wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
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