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  1. Again sorry both are from councils, 2 are from Redbridge & the other Havering
  2. Let me explain, I bought a car (even though i can't drive) and then i sold the car onto a family friend. Now the log book went missing and we sent off for a new one which never came. Now while i forgot about the log book, the family friend didn't say anything and managed to get 2 fines, the 3rd one came from when they lent the car to a friend and they they got a ticket from a Matalan car park. What i didn't know was, that the car was still registerd in my name, so being stupid, i ignored the fines, now their coming back to bite me on my a**e big time. Now i don't know what to do, i have p
  3. So not confusing at all then... I'm going to wait for any other letters to come through because although i do owe the money, i was under the impression that i was awaiting payment slips so i could pay it off.
  4. they say that i owe a company called shop direct £195.05
  5. UPDATE!!!! Well today i have receieved a letter from Lowell Financial, who say they have been instructed to contact me by their client Lowell Portfolio Ltd. Surly this is the same company?? Do i need to send them a letter even though the letter i've receieved isn't aggressive?
  6. Like i keep mentioning this is my DADs ticket. I have little info on who issued the ticket, until i actually get to see it myself. I know the ticket was issued IN the borough of Havering, so i assumed it would have been by a warden who worked for that particular borough. Trust me my dad can tell the difference between [problematic] & the real thing. As soon as i obtain the ticket i will scan it & upload so people can check it out. Thanks
  7. um unfortunatly, i don't have the ticket my dad does. I don't know when i'll be able to get it as he was supposed to give it to me but forgot!!
  8. i'm going to heed everyones advice & ignore the calls from lowell & see what comes in the post. Will update you, when i receive any letters. Once again thanks for all your help
  9. Issued IN the borough of havering!!
  10. Ok i have double checked & the ticket was issued in the borough of Havering, Essex.
  11. Thank you everyone for all of your advice, deathbycrayons thanks for the letters as well. Can the telephone harrassmen be used towards another company, as i also keep getting people phoning for a previous tenant?
  12. Thanks to everyone for your advice, but i have just spoken with my dad & i've wrongly said it was a private car park it wasn't, it was on a meter!! My apologies.
  13. My apologies i think it was private!
  14. Erm, i can't really remember if i did, because when i first applied to get the account i got a bonus one as i was under 18, then it got upgraded to cashminder. I did have a currant account but i NEVER had a card for it.
  15. Hi, I have just seen this on here & wonder if anyone can help. My dad had parked in a car park, while he was doing a course & because he couldn't get to the car park machine on time (he was late on his break) he was 1 minute over time & he got a parking ticket for it!!! Surly this isn't right, the person must of been standing there counting down the time & issued the ticket. If my dad apeals will he succeed & is there anything else he can do?
  16. Ah ok, well i don't think it has been that long. How many more phone calls will they make before they send out a letter? I would rather have it in writing what they want & what the debt maybe.... Also can you explain to me what a CCA is & is there also a template for a telephone harassment letter. Sorry for all of the questions!!
  17. How can i tell when the debt time is barred? Could my debt have been sold on by Westcot? I used to have a bank acccout with the coop but that has been closed now for over a year!!
  18. I don't really want to talk to these kind of people because i know i'll end up losing my temper with them if they start trying to bully me. Can i just wait for a letter or should i really talk to them?
  19. I have an old debt from The Cooperative Bank for about fifty something pounds, that could possibly be it.
  20. This week, i have received 2 phone calls from a company called Lowell. I understand from reading posts/threads on this site that these guys are a big pain in a**e. I have no idea why they are ringing me, i've not actually answered their calls, though they have left messages. Can someone please give me advice what i should do/expect from these people? Thanks
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