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  1. Hi all, My vehicle was clamped recently on a private car-park (the car park is actually for an entertainment/shopping complex and is advertised as free-parking) and I had to pay £125 to have the clamp released for parking in a "hatched" area. This is basically a parking bay but with lines through it, and no I didn't park in a disabled bay. I paid up almost immediately due to the clamper stating, "the tow trucks been called, if your car gets towed away then it will cost you £375, but if you agree to pay now, then it will be JUST £125". So off to the cash point I went... But prior to a
  2. mate, which spreadsheet did you use?? i could do with one myself!
  3. usually about £30 for 1st visit and £39 for second visit. that's what jacobs normally charge in my experience... those fees you've quoted definitely aren't right. write to their head office (by post and email) and ask for a breakdown of fees. has the council cashed your cheque yet? they may reject your payment and say "its with the bailiffs". if the council has an online payments system then use that. they wont be able to reject your payment there also, when you do write to jacobs, ask them to confirm that the bailiff they sent is certificated and ask them which county court i
  4. I know that all PCN issued after April 08 have to conform to a certain standard etc. I know that if the PCN was issued with even the wrong colour then it can be appealed. (is that correct?) Now does this apply to PCNs issued before April 08 as well?? If the colour was stated wrong, then is this enough for grounds of appeal?
  5. Finally received a reply from Halifax for the SAR I sent... They didn't even send me anything! They just asked... what is it you need exactly? I sent a copy of HHNF SAR request originally: (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/118145-sar-ppi.html), which I thought was really good. I mean, I sent Barclaycard a SAR and even they sent me a little something at least! Any ideas on how I should approach this? Should I just send them another copy of HHNF's SAR request?
  6. Finally received my SAR the other day... They have only sent statements for the last 6 years! They say that they do not have anything else on file, nothing at all... The account has been open for at least 15 years. I was then thinking... should I ask for a copy of the original credit agreement? Is there something along the lines of that if they don't have a copy, then you're not liable for the debt or something like that? Or does that not apply to credit cards? Now all the statements clearly show PPI etc. so if they say they don't hold anything longer than 6 years, I'm just thin
  7. Hi all, Just a quick question..... I know that a Form 4 is to be used against a bailiff. But do you need a different form to complain against an actual Bailiff firm/company and their charges? The bailiff (who applied the fees) doesn't work for the firm in question now you see, but the firm themselves have admitted the overcharged fees. (obviously the firm received all the monies in the end). Any ideas? Ta...
  8. Hi, After a long wait, I've finally received a breakdown of fee's applied from Jacobs. They are in relation to PCN's and I paid £899.48 in total for 2 tickets. I know a little about The Enforcement of Road Traffic Debts (Certificated Bailiffs) (Amendment) Regulations 2003 and I know they can charge letter fee, 1st visit, 2nd visit etc. However, I definitely think I've been overcharged. Here is the breakdown exactly as they have sent me: May 19 2008 - PCN £95 - VAT £0 Jun 5 2008 - Visit fee 1 £30 - VAT £5.25 (as the amount is under £100 shouldn't this be £28 and not £30?)
  9. SAR typed up, £10 cheque included, ready to post. Thanks to sound advice from HHNF and AA. Will keep all posted as and when any updates are received.
  10. carlosmaderos, my brother has been in a very very similar situation to you. he moved out of my house, so i was still receiving his parking fine debt chasing letters from the bailiffs here. and guess what, they were in unsealed envelopes so i could read them. also, because i didn't know the law or my rights back then, i foolishly paid the bailiff on behalf of my brother (although he never asked me to) because of the threat of removal of goods etc. i paid a total of £899.48 for TWO parking fines. after doing a bit of research and also from some brilliant advice from here, i know that they were d
  11. thanks for the advice aa, much appreciated. i'll follow that thread then, then i'll wait for their response...
  12. Hi all, I'm just helping my mum with a PPI claim I've already started. I'm new to this so please bare with my lack of knowledge. I've already sent a letter to Halifax explaining that the PPi was mis-sold as my mum didn't even know she was paying for this. Another reason I wrote down was that when she was working, she was self-employed and also she has medical conditions. So even if she knew she was taking out PPi, then the policy wouldn't have paid out if she made a claim etc etc. My question is, how long back would she be able to claim for? I'm sure she has had her Halifax cred
  13. Thanks for that jamberson, you've been a great help. I think you've just highlighted what I thought deep down really. I thought it might have come down to their word versus mine, and obviously with no records, I know it has a very slim chance of success. I've updated my brother on this and I've already told him to get a breakdown of what my payment was for. Just waiting for Jacobs to reply before he considers the next step... but I personally think £900 for 2 PCN's is a bit too much!
  14. Thanks for the reply. 1. From my point of view, I made a payment for a fine which I WASN'T liable for. (all PCN's are to my brother). Hence I wanted to see if I could get this back by small claims. 2. From my point of view, they acted improper because the bailiff made threats and gave me misleading information which resulted in me paying said fine. He stated that although my brother no longer lived here he still had the authority to come and remove any goods to pay off the fines. Obviously I didn't want this to happen and I didn't want to cause any unnecessary stress to my elderly mo
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