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  1. Yep, you guessed it, I am talking about CRA's ... what a bunch of unaccountable and secretive cretins, truly !! Just been turned doewn for something due to not having much of a current history. Did have crappy history up until last year, when all debt came off of Experian. So, have ahad a clear file for nearly ten months now, but as I have no current history, they still don;t want to know ?
  2. Well, ok, sounds like I'd be best doing this myself ... Can anyone offer me a walkthrough on how to go about this ?
  3. Dear fellow caggers ... Just got a call from Easy Claim who are offerring to reclaim by PPI from a Lloyds loan on which they failed to cover me way back in early 2001. They do it on a no win, no fee basis and all recoverable from the other side. What do we know about this organisation ... should I go with them ?
  4. ' this is the first sign of illness but I could not possibly comment upon that. ' .... Lets hope it's terminal, eh - oops, I didn't say that, did I ?!!
  5. Just wondered if these utter scumbags have been finally stamped on by the FSO ? They really are a pile of poop - it is virtually criminal that groups like these be allowed to legally exist at all !!
  6. Well, 1st Credit are still trying to hold out for a debt that I contend is statute barred by almost three years now ( defaulted in early 2001 ) ... By my accounting, the default should have been removed from my credit file by mid 2007. By end of July this year, default still registered with CRA. I wrote to CRA and they dithered around for a while. I also sent rather nasty letter to 1st Cr and they eventually wrote back with a pathetic excuse and then advised that they have advised the CRA to remove the entry - no apology whatsoever, though ?!! CRA have since sent me an updated file with entry removed - weyhey !!!! After nine years of financial hell, I am finally out of the quagmire I was in. I finally havea clean and clear credit file ( not that this matters much, as I don't have money for anything anyways ). However, 1st Credit are still trying to contend that I made some ficticious payment to one of their rockweilers in 2007. I have asked for proof ... to date still nothing. I really am angry are these utter sheits and just want to go after them now ... I have nothing left to lose and everything to gain by exposing these evil sods for what they are ? Any advice will be appreciated ?
  7. No, they still haven't sent me a full list of all charges and fees ... they sent just copies of old bank statements, which I have waded through. By my reckoning, there is roughly £240 worth of charges and fees ... so their £135 is a fair bit short of the amount I have estimated. I have still sent in a further request for the list of charges as originally requested, but to date haven't received them. I sent in my own breakdown of my finance and I claimed under the hardship rules, but also threatened them with legal action under the Unfair Contracts Terms .... Effectively I gave them the choice of which way they wanted to go. Hoever, I am concerned that a letter having arrived this morning doesn't mention anything about meeting my request for a list of all fees n charges applied since I stopped work in July 2001.
  8. Complained to bank about charges being taken from my state benefit since 2001. They today refunded me £135 ... but state that it is a gesture of goodwill'.
  9. Ta, ta !! Another success ... AK have just written to me apologising for their lack of any knowledge in the area of correct debt collection ( no, only joking ). They did state that might debt is of course SB and that they shouldn;t have been pursuing. Further they advise account closed and end of matter from their perspective ! Four down, and one very big one to go : 1st Crud !!
  10. Also, bazooka, they are saying that they bought the debt in 2004 and have an absolutel right to re-register a new default on the account from the date they acquired it ? Can this be right, as I understood that they can't do that and the default stands from the date that the original creditor defaulted me back in 2001 ??
  11. Thanks, Bazooka ... Yes, my view was SB. But am I right in stating that I have the right to request that they forward proof of a so-called payment to Mack Hall ? I will check with my own bank for the 2007 range, but can I insist that they provide prrof of this ??
  12. :-(Hi all ... Hope you can help me out ? Just got a copy of my credit file which is virtually clean, thanks to many of your wonderfully helpful souls on here. However, one but - a very big but - 1st Credit still have an entry on my account for near on £16,000 as default. Nowm I am deeply concerned because this debt was originally defaulted back in June 2001. However, the debt was then apparently acquired by by 1st credit at the begining of 2004. They entered a new default as of Feb 2004. I am shocked at this because I thought that a debt collection agency couldn't add a new default atop the original default just because they bought the debt ? Worse they are telling me that I apparently made a payment to Mackenzie Hall in 2007, which I denied all knowledge of. When I asked the debtor agency to go back to Mac Hall and get a copy of this payment and details, she got shirty with me saying NO, you owe us the debt and - quite literally - yeh, yeh, yeh, whilst I was trying to ask her to get prrof from Mack hall of payment. This cretin has made my blood absolutely boil !! Can you help advise ?
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