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  1. Many thanks, Thats great, thanks for all the help so far (Im sure I will need more as we continue). Regards
  2. Sam, I am sorry, I am looking under the templates place and while I can find a letter to let them know not to call me anymore, I cant find the other two anywhere! Please can someone let me have the links direct? Regards
  3. Thanks all for the help so far, can someone please point me towards the following:- Account in dispute letter and Harassing visit / phonecall letter so I can get them ready and send off as soon as they happen to be out of time. Now this 12+2 days thing - is that 12 working days + 2 (so 14 working days) or 12 days + 2 working days (e.i. the weekend in the middle)? Sorry for all the questions? Regards
  4. Yes payments are still being made, but I expect these to stop when they dont get the data (S77 request) to me by this coming Friday. - Yes letter got there fine. I would guess (but then trying to second guess welcome is an art all to itself!) that at some point after next Monday - they will visit as its at that point that I wont be making anymore payments to them - unless they comply with the S77 (yes as if). So at that point, is there a standard letter that I then send to them / hand them if they turn up, and is there another standard letter I can use to take away their right to ph
  5. Right, today get a phone call from Welcome (not my normal local office - but i expect that has closed ) didnt pick up, as I was out, but it was the normal, can you phone the office ASAP, as there might be a problem. From experience I understand that this will be followed by a visit (costs me £25.00) so what do I need to do now? As per normal, no information back from Welcome yet - as per what we expected and the S77 request letter still has a few days to go before it expires? Questions.... 1. Should I answer the phone to them? - and if so what should I say to them? 2.
  6. Strange question time - say Welcome / Castles lost the paperwork, or the paperworke that they had was completly different to mine, (they had say "altered" the amounts and signed "for me" woudnt that mean they had been obtaining money by deception (my bad spelling) and I would be entitled to report them to "Police" for this issue. - As well as claim all payments back + the standard 8% interest?
  7. but if (when) they go under, I wonder how much paperwork they will loose? and if they loose say a finance agreement wont that make the said document unenforcable?
  8. Just a question...... with regards to the SAR - if they dont supply the correct data within a 12+2 day period am I right in saying that at that point I can withhold payment? If this is correct wouldn't I be better sending the letter to my local welcome office (by insured signed for means) that way they are more likely not to do what they should - i.e. either provide details or pass it up the line to provide details - and as such then my payments stop?
  9. So what do i need to do first? SAR I guess but who to and how should I word it? (is this the one where you encose a payment of £10 and give them x amount of days to deliver)? Sorry for the questions, this is all new to me?
  10. No when they reduced the loan re-payments nothing was sent to me! (But as we know with Welcome that dosnt mean they didnt make a new agreement on "my behalf") Thinking about this, they have visited me a few times and charged me a nice £25.00 for the privillage of doing this! - Can these be claimed back as well? The way im looking at this is, that I still (in there eyes) owe around the £1400 mark, It would be nice to know what I can get back, and hopefully clear this debt?
  11. Hello all, Hopefully someone can advise me of the route to take with regards to my Welcome loan? I originally took out a loan with Welcome in 2005 for the following amount :- £1500, they added to this £486.60 in PPI, Acceptance Fee of £75.00, and the total amount of loan to be repaid came to £2061.60. Monthly payments to be £94.43 APR (46.7%) Interest 3% per month repayment over 36 months. Normal situation was told that I had to have there PPI to get loan, was not told that I could get it at a better price elsewhere. Or anything about Medical Conditions (I suffer from
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