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  1. HI Slick, No I didnt do a formal CCA request but I will do that today & get back to you. The ''...whilst I am satisfied your loan requirements were assessed in accordance with our standard procedures the documentary evidence to support this is unavailable'' was from the successfull PPI letter. With thanks.
  2. Hi Slick, The exact wording on the letter stated ''...whilst I am satisfied your loan requirements were assessed in accordance with our standard procedures the documentary evidence to support this is unavailable'' What do you think, should i state no agreement / no payment or should i try going along the lines of miss sold loan?? Can you point me in the right direction of a suitable template letter - i really dont want to ''cock'' this up. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Ive just successfully reclaimed my PPI from barclays for a loan that I originally took out 2years ago, Im now trying to see if there is any way that I can get Barclays to wipe off the remaining debt from the loan due to the following: When (and now) the loan was taken out I was unemployed, and all repayments to the loan have been coming straight out of my benefits, i therefore have the following questions: Should Barclays have carried out a want / needs analysis before granting the loan and if so should it have been granted if they knowingly knew I was unemployed? S
  4. Hi all, Please can anyone help me with below, just composing a letter to Barclays to ascertain what the eligibly criteria was when assessing myself for the granting of a loan (was on benefits when granted.) Can anyone advise me on any legal information or templates I should be including. With thanks
  5. Thank you Alanalana for confirming this. Also do you have any comments regarding the initial loan & should it of been granted. With thanks
  6. Hi All Quick update with a sting in the tail: Letter received at the end of last wk stating that the PPI will be refunded:) Letter received this w/end stating that my account is to be closed:mad: Ok, couple of questions, firstly would the fact that they are now intending to close my account be seen as a retalitory action as Ive never had a problem with the account ie never been over my o/draft facility and have basically run my account in good order, should I be sending an appeal letter and also stating that i will report them to the FSA should they proceed with this tacti
  7. Thank you all for replying. I have sent them a fax of the contract and demanded that they either cancel my contract without charge or to activate my phone straight away and give me credit for the inconveinience. With thanks
  8. Dear Forum, Can you please give me some advice regarding my 3 mobile contract. I have been with this network for 4years now and keep upgrading. I have just had my new contract for 18mths starting from the 13th July 2009 for £15 a month (Normal price is £21), this gives me 700 mins or texts plus 300min free 3 to 3 from my new start date. Its now the 23rd and I still have not got my minutes added to the phone. I have called the customer service and they told me it starts from next month. This is what I would like help on. 1. Can I cancel my contract as they have not forfi
  9. Thank you Ceri1234, I will get that on my letter straight away. With thanks:)
  10. Ok, Ive had a good read through everything and it looks like I have definately been mis-sold PPI. Can you please inform me of the address where the initial PPI letter should be sent. With thanks.
  11. Thank you Alanalana, i'll have a good read & get back to you if I have any further questions. Thanks again
  12. Hi All - Newbie here wanting some advice. Approx 2 years ago i took out a loan with Barclays for12k, the loan was granted even though I am only on benefits and stated that i have no employment, the loan also had PPI added which was just to cover the loan in the case of my demise:mad:. 2 questions - firstly can i reclaim my PPI (im sure i can but would just like confirmation)? 2nd question and more interesting - should this initial loan have been granted if the only way im repaying it is through my benefits and if not what recourse do i have.8) Thanks in advance;)
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