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  1. Hi All I'm wondering if the Lloyds addresses in the sticky thread above still apply, I'm going to apply to Lloyds for a refund of charges, its a long shot I guess and Im also going to ask for them to refund from 2001, which is unusually long, the reason I am is that in my case Lloyds TSB hit me massively with charges over a prolonged period, at least 11 years, at the worst point, March 2006 they charged me £591.40 in ONE month... More than half my income... This was a regular occurrence and kept me locked in a vicious circle for years, I wrote and aske
  2. At this point I am resolved to never borrow money again unless it is another mortgage, I have a very good reliable car, paid for, I dont need anything else in my life and I can earn a decent amount of money in my self employment, so I'm paying up front or doing without for the time being. By the time my car needs replacing I hope to have saved enough to pay for a new er one... I'm trying to learn from this mistake, to hell with my credit file for the time being, it'll repair itself in due course:)
  3. I didnt ask them about it particularly, although they said it would look more favourable if it showed a settlement, even partial than, if I continued to avoid making any further payments, I guess they would have defaulted it and sold it regardless, even though I had legitimate cause to claim invalidity of the agreement and put it in dispute.
  4. On the front where your attention to section 11 is drawn specifically, does the subjet matter (which I think is use of personal information) match that actually described in section 11 of the T&C, I had a sig form very similar and section 11 of the T&C sent with it referred to something else entirely, indicating they were most likely not the same document, just something cobbled together to look like it.
  5. Yes, it is, it feels like I have taken some control back over my life, and strengthens my resolve to not be dictated to and governed by blood sucking institutions like banks ever again, they no longer hold all the power, thats a good feeling.
  6. Please will one of the Mod team assist me with changing my screen name, tell me what I need to do etc. Thanks
  7. I have (had is perhaps the right word) a credit card with MBNA that had a balance of £10'000+ of purchases which I had diligently paid the minimum payment for over 6 years, by which time I had paid back almost £14'000. I was struggling to maintain more important payments so having written twice to MBNA to ask for some reduced settlement arrangement and twice being ignored I cancelled the direct debit, which unsurprisingly caught their attention, I refused to pay anything further and asked again for a one off settlement payment but got the usual blurb. I then sent a S.78, which a cou
  8. To refine my above question about the credit limit slightly: Does the credit limit at the time of application need to be shown somewhere on either the signature form or financial & related conditions?? Also.. On the signature form (cca) under a heading important - data protection, attention is drawn to Condition 11 in the terms and conditions provided and purportedly relates to my giving MBNA permission for the use, recording and disclosure of personal information. However, section 11 of the financial and related conditions supplied does not relate to personal information, it is
  9. Thanks supasnooper, I am setting about establishing whether or not the agreement they have sent is enforcable, maybe you can help, I have looked at many of the forms shown on the site but none are an exact match although one is very close, mine is an AOL platinum mastercard agreement, application made online. I have recieved from MBNA a copy of a signature form, signed and dated clearly, financial and related conditions (though there is a tiny code at the edge of the page which shows the document was created in september 2009) and a printout of the details i submitted to the webpage wher
  10. Ok, an update to proceedings.. MBNA eventually responded to my Section 78 CCA request although well outside the time limit, I have a small copy of the signature form that has been cut from the rest of the page one one sheet of paper and a copy Financial & Related Conditions on another page. Its obvious that it is my signature and date, however I am quite heavy handed when i write and consequently the inkline of my signature and the date are thick, the signature form is struck through with a much finer pen line and the tick in the PPI box is also in this hand, I wish to request MBNA make
  11. Quick update.. MBNA have not replied to my CCA request so have now sent my Account in Dispute letter. Despite explaining to Global Vantedge that I will not speak to them they persist in phoning/texting me several times a day and writing at least once a week, ignoring them does little dampen their enthusiasm. Having looked closer at my statements it appears I have been paying for PPI also that I was unaware of, sometimes as much as £100 per month, I absolutely would not have agreed to this voluntarily on principle so I am wondering whether an MBNA employee unlawfully ticked the b
  12. Thank you, I'll no doubt be back looking for advice for the next stages, I've paid well in excess of £15,000 off this card over the last 5 years and never missed a payment yet the balance stays jammed at over £10,000, I just cant afford to pay it any more and MBNA have variously ignored/refused my requests for a settlement or deal, so I'm taking the matter into my own hands... ,
  13. Having finally decided to take action, after a couple of years of "being to busy" to get round to it I have prepared my letter of request for my CCA, the problem is I dont know whether you can send registered post to a PO box and the only MBNA addresses I can find are PO box addresses. I would be very thankful to anybody who can either provide a current, known successful address or confirm whether PO boxes take registered post/recorded delivery. The thread title is no longer appropriate to the subject further down but I didnt want to start another thread to clog the board with
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