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  1. thank you slick132, i am not to clever on some of theses sites, i will tell you some more later on today about what has been happening concerning monument. once again thank you.
  2. loopyjuice i dont envy you about this bank, they have destroyed me and my business, but i will never give in to them, and when i questioned them about peoples names appering on my business account, they just said sorry we have sent people on refresher courses, then closed my account, but before that they took 800 pounds and paid it to a insurance company.
  3. hi all newbie here, i have been trying for 3/4 years to get to the bottom of what has been described as abuse and terrorism by some of these banks and there subsidarys. i have been subjected to some horrible things, maybe it is not the banks but crooked employees and couriers, that work for these banks, i have found myself in the horrible process of having 4 firms pursuing the same account number, solicitors, and debt collection agencies seem to be terrorising me for the one account, i have tried everywhere to get help, but to no avail, i am know classed as disabled, due to my health, and i cannot afford a solicitor, plus i dont trust anyone anymore. asny advice would really be appreciated, many thanks in advance.
  4. check your meters for the time, a lot of people will be very surprised.
  5. newbie here, monument told me they had nothing to do with barclays, when i tried to invoke a payment break, i then phoned experian, who told me they were part of barclays, monument was the start of esculating fraud that has been happening, or is it just fraudelent internal fraud?
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