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  1. But you discouraged me even to put initial fight. It is not only about winning the case but also about making up for your losses. Tribunals are conservative about compensation they offer and can even make cost order in case its compensation is less than what respondent had offered. If I had no case then respondent would have never made the offer. And if I had listened to you then I wouldn't even have filed the claim.
  2. Thanks to members like altobelli for all the encouragement and help. And also thanks to members like Emmzzi for the discouragement which helped me fight with vigour.
  3. Hi All, The matter is almost to the end now. There is a settlement with some respectable amount which covers my losses till date and few more months in future. COT3 provided by respondent mentions amount xxx minus tax and NI. During the negotiation I asked respondent's solicitor about tax liability and she said that because of the amount being discussed (I guess she meant Please help me. ACAS seems to have jumped the gun and too eager to get matter closed. They were very sweet till there was no agreement and now being very rude.
  4. Please help me in preparing the witness statement for employment claim. I have hearing on next month and I have to submit witness statement on Tuesday. where to put facts and where to put opinions. what are the tricks and strategies.
  5. Hi, I have a hearing on 6th May. And I have to submit witness statement by Tuesday 1.30 pm. Can you please guide me in how to prepare witness statement.
  6. Read on findlaw co uk that "You give evidence under an oath or affirmation, and if you lie you can be convicted of perjury.". Ex-Manager is lying wilfully about conversation.
  7. I am not an expert or experienced in these matters. Pre-hearing was the first time I went to any court. I am going by my emotive values.
  8. If it won't help then there is not need for him to deny the conversation. Just want to prove how he is lying.
  9. That was the conversation when I told him that I was stressed for personal reasons and detailed him events related to that in week before alleged issue happened. But he is now denying that conversation. HR person was also present.
  10. I am not sure how the process works. I am expecting a witness statement from my manager and HR representative first before I tell them.
  11. ACAS did contact me couple of times. I reduced my compensation based on their suggestions. But no figures came in from respondent.
  12. Just an update. I had a pre-hearing last week. Judge looked balanced but was concerned about many items in my compensation sheet. Hearing will be in May. Various dates were given about witness statements exchange etc. Respondent's lawyer indicated that my manager is refusing some important content of telephonic conversation I had with him during disciplinary process. I am no longer using that phone but I had recorded the conversation using trial version of 'Total Recall' on Symbian. I am waiting for witness statements before I disclose it. They were also indicating unwillingness about
  13. I am being contacted by ACAS this week. Below is their email ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XXXX, Further to my call, I have spoken to the respondent's representative who has indicated that they would only be willing to discuss a commercial level settlement to your claim. The level of compensation that you have already indicated on your tribunal claim form that you are seeking is not a sum that
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