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  1. I think its here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/buddy.php Best of luck! DC
  2. Alf, thank you very much. This has put my mind at ease somewhat. On the basis of what they have submitted to me thus far, they do not have much to go on. Thanks again, will have a read of your link. DC.
  3. I have now received a couple of letters from Judge & Priestley warning me of legal action if I dont settle the debt. Are these in-house guys for 1st Credit?
  4. Hi Dekky2, I have sent you a PM, I'm quite willing to share my defence & also WS with you. Its in PDF format so I cannot easily edit out personal details, so would rather mail it to you on the understanding that you dont share it on forums etc. purely for confidentiality reasons. I hope thats allowed? DC.
  5. **EDITED** I am keen for any relevant information to be shared, albeit without mention of my personal circumstances. For my part, I will keep it short then as I want to share any DCA bashing available: My case was dismissed & Cabot were ordered to pay costs. Of course they have right of appeal, but given that they were found wanting on several points (explained in an earlier non moderated post) they would perhaps have difficulty doing so. Hope this helps Car. DC.
  6. Can someone please move this to Legal successes please? There are missing posts also but I'm not concerned about them. DC.
  7. Hello, I am really sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you get it fully resolved to your complete satisfaction and adequately compensated. All the best. DC.
  8. Hello, Its been a while since I have been on here but I have great news that hopefully provides encouragement to anyone else in a similar position... After taking advice from someone on these forums, I admitted that the task in this particular case was greater than a LIP could bring home so I instructed the services of a solicitor firm. I wont say which one, but it is well known on these forums. After paying initially to have my defence amended to get it in a good state, I went onto a no win no fee basis (CFA) to defend my case. My defence was amended, points picked up that I wo
  9. Hello, As it says in the title please. I am currently compiling my WS and want to focus on the fact that only my app form has been presented by the DCA and its described as my credit agreement. It quite clearly is an app form, it has no prescribed terms etc etc but I would like to include a couple of other cases (if any exist) where the usage of an app form by MSDW preferably has failed to convince a judge that its a regulated CCA. Anyone got any to share please? Many thanks in advance. DC
  10. OK, that makes sense. Will get back on the WS now. Gallahad & Andy, thank you both for taking the time to reply. DC.
  11. Surely that isn't right? I remember reading elsewhere that unless a DN or TN is issued, the account cannot be classed as defaulted or terminated, therefore you cant prove the balance owed etc?
  12. Looking for advice again... I'm going to put in a claim for the PPI, however this takes time and if successful, will alter the balance due I guess significantly. Plus, if the PPI refunded was to go to the balance, it would take the total well under 5k, which would put it into the small claims track - just now its in the fast track. In addition, I now want to SAR Cabots (Or MSDW?) and see what they actually hold, as I do not believe there to be a DN in existence, or one that can be produced as a copy of the original. Given the above, can I reasonably ask for an extension / stay
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