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  1. Does anyone have any Ideas on how I could approach the bank about this please?
  2. Hello again, update to this story: I sent the CCA recorded delivery on the 8th and recieved a reply from "Debt Managers" dated 13th which is simply a sheet of paper with some tick boxes on (such as "your letter has been forwarded to our client, etc.) and the one they have ticked is So im waiting... in the meantime I recieve a letter dated 14th Jan from "Russel Aitken solicitors" threatening legal action and county court proceedings etc. (I will tye the letter out in full if it is of any use or help) So... In my view, they know they wont be able to produce the goods, so they are threatening me in the hope I will pay up....? Should I follow up the Russel Aitken letter or wait for my signed CCA to arrive? Many thanks
  3. I didnt think of the suing angle. Might have to do that to Debt Managers when this is all cleared up with Lloyds, seeing as they have sent me several threatening letters now....
  4. What heppened in your case? did you send the CCA letter etc and get it annulled? Unfortunately I have dealt with DCA's once before (moorcroft) and they all seem to be useless hot air merchants.
  5. Hi all. Last year I was out of work for a long time (almost all of it), and managed to get about £600 overdrawn at the bank. I was recieving JSA but I opted for a giro which I could cash, as I thought the bank would just take the money against my overdraft and I wouldnt have any cash. It appears I was wrong to believe that and banks cant withhold JSA payments. Anyway, I started work again around the end of september last year, and as usual, passed on my details to the company for payment, thinking "great, I can finally get out of my overdraft!" but at the first payday I got a letter from the company saying that they coudnt make a BACS payment into my account and to check I had given them the correct details. I duly checked and resubmitted my details (which were correct the first time) they gave me a cheque which I paid into my mums account. Next payday comes around and I get another letter and cheque from work. The letter from work says (and I still have it) "Hi 'Staichey', I tried to make the payment by BACS again but Lloyds have told me that they have frozen this account, so here is another cheque" Now, this made me feel 2 things: HUGELY embarrassed, as I am a very proud person and dont like anyone knowing that I have money issues, and secondly, MASSIVELY angry. I checked and double checked all of my mail, and I have recieved NO warning or otherwise from Lloyds stating that they were taking any such action. Since then I have had my money paid into my mums account and she has given me some cash as and when I need it, which works fine, but I really want to get my account back! I want to ring them, but I think a well worded letter would be more succinct and direct. I dont know where to start! Has anyone else been in this situation? and can anyone help me please? This, along with my Credit card (see my other thread in debt collector room) are the only 2 things dragging on my mind at the moment, and I want to have a good start to a new year and sort all this mess out. Any help would be hugely appreciated as always Staichey
  6. haha nuke em, like it! I have just jogged round to the post office and sent the CCA though, as although I dont want unsolicited letters etc, I do want to tie this matter up with minimum of fuss. I'll definately send that letter if they carry on pursuing me in the future though, thanks!
  7. Thank you VERY much guys. Printing a CCA request as I type! I will send it to the debt collection agency as they have said (in previous correspondence) to deal direct with them, and there is a provision in the CCA letter for them to pass on my request to Lloyds should they feel the debt is not owned by them. As for the 6 years, Im not sure when I last had any written correspondence to them, though I have made phone calls last year. Mainly complaining about the £758.99 charges they have piled on top of my £1k limit. The card is now 8 years old, they sent it to me unsolicited just after my 18th birthday, along with a letter that just had a "ring this number to activate this card" on it. I never applied for this card, and though it was a long time ago, im certain I never signed and returned anything to the bank regarding this card at the time I got it. thanks again, you've lowered my blood pressure! Staichey
  8. Hi all. Got a letter this morning from Debt Managers Ltd (Edinburgh) regarding my LTSB Credit card. It reads: "NOTICE OF PROCEEDINGS - PURSUANT TO THE COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 Despite our earlier correspondence relating to your debt to LloydsTSB in the sum of £1758.99, we have not recieved payment in respect of this debt. We therefore give notice pursuant to the county court act 1984 tat proceedings to recover this debt together with solicitors fees and costs may be instigated in rotherham county court Details of any judgments obtained in relation to this debt may be supplied to credit referencing agencies and may impede your ability to obtain credit in the future Should you wish to avoid this action, IMMEDIATE payment of the full outstanding sum of £1758.99 should be made payable to debt managers and sent to the above address Should you have any queries relating to this matter or an alternative method of payment, telephone our recoveries department on 01709 ******" *end of letter* It isnt signed if that makes any difference? I dont know what to do now to be honest. I did intend to go for the unenforcable CC agreement a while back but (embarrassingly) I never got round to it I did just see a template letter about not acknowledging the debt if it is over 6 years old, but I may have made a payment sometime last year (though I cant confirm this, as I have shredded loads of documents and must have done CC statements too) In its simplest form: I dont have £1758.99 to pay this debt. I dont have anything that is worth that much either. I do have a job now after being out of work for nearly a year, but its taking me ages to build up a head of cash, as my site is currently suspended until the weather clears up If anyone has any advice on what my next step should be, I would be very very grateful, Many thanks, Staichey
  9. Scott, many thanks The root cause the first time wasn't determined, although the alternator packed up and the rocker gasket was leaking. iirc, the MOT station changed the alternator, and another garage changed the rocker gasket, I have no idea why. I spotted the leak during a quick visual check over recently, and found every single one of the rocker bolts to be finger tight at best. Also they are cross headed bolts (for a screwdriver!) not the normal M6, six sided 10mm nuts you normally find! No wonder they cant be done up tight enough!! Naturally, the gasket was leaking oil profusely which was most proliferant on the OSR of the engine, directly above the alternator (which was full of oil) and has subsequently failed. It is yet to be tested but I will recover the vehicle to Leicester this weekend and have it sent directly to my engineers for inspection, and written reports. Armed with this, I plan to then take action against the garage responsible for the gasket being changed, should this be determined as the sole cause of the altenator failing. Steve
  10. Hello all My girlfriend had an alternator put on her MR2 in february, along with other works carried out. The reason it was replaced is because an oil leak above it caused oil to drip onto it and kill it. This has now repeated itself. conservative estimate for repairs is £250. Does anybody know what recourse is possible against the garage, for works rendered? As this simply wont do. I would happily visit them but she is in Cheshire and I am in Leicestershire I asked my mum (lol) and she seems to think that 12months warranty on new parts and labour is the "going rate", she also mentioned that you can expect up to 6 years of implied warranty for new parts (though I am not sure if it is applicable, i guess this depends on the paperwork and what it says?) She has the receipt for the work, I will ask her if there are any T&C's on the reverse, but any help in the meantime would be ace Many thanks, have a happy sunday all 8-) Steve
  11. I don't at all, but I do feel better having posted the letter to them Done, thanks for spotting!
  12. Thanks for your advice. Im not sure about kicking the fridge though, with moorcroft I want to send them ridiculously sarcastic letters and make life difficult for them, like they have for me. Ive got some brilliant ideas for future letters from this site: Go Away (contains swearing, probably NSFW to be safe) With the banks and my CC, I will take them seriously, and go through the proper channels, but I cant help myself from poking fun at moorcrofts incompetence. On a similar subject, I wrote a sarcastic letter to the job centre recently about them not seeing me for a pre arranged appointment and they have bent over backwards to accomodate me, when all I wanted to do was vent some of my anger at them. I certainly didn't expect such a sarcastic letter to be taken seriously! Steve
  13. Ok, I have just typed up this letter, and I am going to the shed to make my novelty cheque this afternoon. I still havent sent this yet, please advise if it is over the top. Like I have said, I dont mind paying the £10 per month, what I do take exception to is utter incompetence and threats, when I do pay! I wont sign it.
  14. I have just sent the SAR to my bank Where do I find a template for the CC agreement? Regarding moorcroft, this is the letter they sent: This is the SECOND time they have sent this letter, the last time they sent it I replied, with a cheque: I sent a cheque (which I will find out today if it has been cashed) but they have still sent the letter threatening legal action. I telephoned them last night, and they claim to have not received it. They said that if a letter of dispute was received then it may have gone to a different department from the cheque. I informed them that they had not instructed me at any time to put my reference number on the reverse of the cheque, and that it was THEIR problem that the two had been seperated. Now, they havent credited my account with the £10 I sent, but should I find out that they have deposited the cheque, is that theft? I intend to send them a letter (I will post it up here first if you want?) but I will write it in an incredibly sarcastic tone, (I will include the template i found about bailiffs and home visits) and I also intend to write the cheque on a piece of wood, 1m long. The idea being that THEY WONT MISS IT. I am livid that it is their incompetence that has led to this. I might be in an unfortunate situation (entirely of my own making, and I am NOT trying to worm my way out of paying, it seems because of their lack of brainpower, I cant!) but I am trying to make reparations for this, but getting frustrated at every turn. Steve
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