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  1. Hi Can anyone help? I have recieved my credit report and it shows that Santnader (alliance & Leicester) have defaulted me on an amount of £300 which was a overdraft but in all the bank charges scenario they did not refund the full fees back. I am therfore being asked to pay this amount off. In 2009 I think they refunded some of them due to hardship but did not refund the full amount. I am on a debt management plan and pay them approx £3.00 off each month. However, the balance is now at £400 so it appears that they are charging me interest on this which will appear
  2. so I dont really have much option as I dont want to be going down the route of it bneing refrred to a DCa and then a defalut put on file becuase I am not paying. Then have to fight the default to get removed. It has taken 7 months to get a default removed with Alliance & Leicester. Maybe what I will do is get all info on my file, work out how much I have paid, how many charges need to be refunded and then how much I have spent and then offer full and final settlement on the basis that they do not have a CCA and therefore work out the difference of waht I owe them and then debt gone hopeful
  3. I was glad to a discussion going on. I sent a letter to the data Controller and the complaints department to say that i do not have a signed agreement. But they have sent me exactly the same paperwork. I am very scared about stopping payment to them as it will be so difficult to remiove a default if they apply it. I am not in a position to pay the £10 but I have no option. I have also advised payplan that the money is to be placed on hold until they have produced this agreement. If they can't produce it then they are not able to divulge this information on my cerdit file buit I know they
  4. Hi Guys thanks for responding. Andy, I can't afford the SARN If they cannot produce the paperwork does that mean then it is not enforcable and I can stop paying Payplan? I dont understnad when you say it gets tricky. I am going to send the letter which goes into detail about how it is an offence to register my details with a credit reference agecny if they do not have my signed consent???? I am getting a pension lump sum payment of £3K and was going to offer all my creditors £1K each for full and fianl settlement???? Good idea or not really. Ian, They did stop my intere
  5. Well I have just received a response from Alliance & Leicester and they are now saying as I have not signed the new agreement that they are staying to the old terms and not changing my terms. How dare they only give me a few weeks to sign a new contract when they took 6 monhts to deal with my request. I have also CCa'd them and they have not reurned my original agreement. I did not want to sign a new agreement without seeing my existing one! I think I am going to have to request the copy of the agreement and put this in as a complaint. Any advice?
  6. Hi Hope you can help. Thanks to all the CAG to give me the strength to challenge these organisations. I got into Financial trouble last July and went down the route of payplan. Please note that I did look into assistance by other debt management organisations and advise people not to use these companies as they charge a fee to set up a debt management plan. Payplan have been very helpful in freeing my debt issues. I had no option but to go down this route as my debtors are not very good at coming forward and helping. Since then most of my creditors have been quite h
  7. Hi Andy Do you have any suggestions for my next letter. Do I send a SARN off. I also got a smilar letter from Barclaycard yesterday too. Wondered hat the next best step is to take. thanks
  8. They have not threatened court action. I have had an agreement with them via payplan since September. I was interested to see if I had an enforceable agreement with them. I am happy to do a SARN. My intentions are to see if they do not have an enforceable agreement then I was going to settle my account with an amopunt of say £1K. I will be getting a pension fund of £3K as my scheme is winding up and was going to offer them that amount as a settlement. I just want to get on with my life without any debt. I have another query with regards to Alliance & Leicester but not sure if I should
  9. I am unable to post attachemtns it says under posting rules: You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On code is On HTML code is Off So I am going to write out the letter Halifax write to me to say: I write in resposne to your request for your consumer credit agreement under section 78 of the consumer credit act 1974 (CCA) I have enclosed with this letter a copy of your executed agreement, a copy of your current terms and conditions and a signed statement of your acc
  10. Hi All Please can you help. I am currently with a debt managment company and this has helped alot. I have been with them for a year in September. I came across this web site iand t has inofrmed me that some agreements are not actually enforceable. I would like someone to look over my letter that I received recenlty and the paperwork to see what steps I need to take to sort this accoutn out as it is not enforceable. As you can see there is no copy of my actual agreement and I would like a suitable letter to respond back to them to sort out whether they are correct or whether I have leverag
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