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  1. I sent the letter to DG on Tuesday,and received an SARpacktoday (Thursday), funny when they have a push they can do it. The stuff they have posted wasprinted out on the 23rd June, why did they not post it then? lol They included one email, and the letters which welcomewould havepostedme on starting the PPI,hadI have actually ticked the box myself and wanted it(policy schedules etc). I'll have to give Aviva a push now too, as they are well overdue also. My local rep (that I have in writing that he won't deal with my account) was phoning me (despite the acknowledgement of tel
  2. Thanks for the reply PostGGI. . . I suppose they they assume that everyopne is stupid, when they received it, and "passed on my details to Aviva" first time round I informed them that the SAR to them still stood. I have said in my letter than in the next 14 days, should I not receive the information, that I will do directly to the Information Commisioner. They are obviously up to their necks in it with Welcome, judging by the responses (or should I say attempts at dodging) Welcome had offered me £1600 odd gesture of goodwill about the PPI, it seems to have got forgotten about n
  3. Ok bit of an update . . . Welcome had sent me a letter to say the representative in question would not be dealing with my account again, and they acknowledged my Harassement letter . . . So few weeks ago, got a missed call from the local office, and a "we've been trying to contact you letter" from the office signed by that rep! Got the SAR back, in form of a statement and a copy of CCA. They didn't reply to my CCA at all! Direct Group sent me back the £10 and said they had passed details to Aviva, just popping a nice letter in the post, to inform them that SAR's are mandat
  4. I think this will help people that are trying to get their accounts settled, as they are bound to be looking to get offers in on disputed accounts, and get them off the books, and money in the pot. My opinion is that they will be pushing the poor souls that don't know their rights and giving them hell to get money off them, or get them signed up for re-writes. Will the FSA/FOS be monitoring them more during this 6 month period, meaning proper responses to complaints etc? (or is that wishful thinking?)
  5. I'm waiting to get an offer of a cheque, so I can lift it personally from the branch!On arrival, loudly announce that I'm here to lift the cheque for PPI that I didn't want! (After the people in that office had previously told me that I'd signed for it, so tough basically)
  6. A valid point, you should now add £10 to their bill for making the phone call
  7. I'm refreshing this thread every couple of minutes, I hate waiting!
  8. I wasn't trying to be smart btw, I'm new to this game! lolI agree that you should stick to your guns, and get the better of them for your own peace of mind.
  9. To add to what you'd said also though, last week my complaint that PPI had been added to my loan, I got an out of the blue offer of a settlement . . . . a bit of a change from "you signed for it!" It's a hard decision, especially if you're going to go on maternity etc . . .
  10. I would be wary that they aren't just blagging hoping you'll withdraw your FOS complaint . . .
  11. Does anyone think the offer of generousity, is setting me up to sign a Full and Final Settlement, so that they can sell the debt on when their ship sinks?It is crazy to think, if I hadn't researched recently on the net and found this forum, I'd be none the wiser, struggling with them and their "representatives". . .
  12. . . . the staff at Welcome are probably reading all your posts to try to find out their future too! Would you put it past them to be hiding the truth from them too? lol I'm waiting patiently now to see this announcement . . . Well done to you PostGGI and all others that have taken the lead in sorting them out. In any post about Welcome you seem to have been really helpful in offering your support & time. Thanks for that!
  13. ha ha, the salesperson will think they're having a wet dream . . . In my next letter I'll have to make reference to the impending downfall, and ask what their contingencies for this are . .. (as mentioned earlier by someone)
  14. Would I be right in saying that an offer of PPI repayment cannot be made on the condition that you close your complaint (including complaints about data protection etc, not just PPI)?I'm going to write back today just to clarify with them, I also might take a PPI repayment by cheque, rather than off the balance. They had said due to the status of the account it would come of the balance . . . The status is that I have been looking for a settlement figure for 2/3 months now! They still haven't provided a statement of the charges on my account.It's amazing when you ask for what the settlement am
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