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  1. I have already made a complaint through the first link you provided. I will get in touch with the Trading Standard as well... Thanks for your help...
  2. Right, so I called my bank (RBS) and they said they can't refund me or do anything else since I gave my card details willingly to the company. They said this is a "Retailer's Dispute" and I will need to either sort it out with the company itself or through the Trading Standars something... What do it do? So ****ed off at the moment, 5 minutes of stupidity cost me £100!!!
  3. Hi cerberusalert, Unfortunatelly there is no direct debit involved... I gave them my debit card details and they got the money straight away (literally within the 5 minutes that I called to cancel). Do you reckon if I contact my bank I will have any luck in getting my money back?
  4. Hi guys, A couple of months ago I received a phone call from Banking Solutions Bureau. To make the long story short, I paid them for 2 applications without thinking too much (total £100). I realised that I did a terrible mistake and called them back literally 5 minutes later. Anyway, they said they would cancel the applications and I will received my money in 5 working days. As you can understand this never happened and they did send the applications. I called them back and they said that I need to return the applications in order to refund me and this will take up to 30 days. S
  5. Thanks for your reply Aviva. I would expect the same to be honest. At least for the landlords... all my previous landlords would not sign the contract unless I have paid the deposit or something to the least. Now, not only I have not paid the deposit but I haven't provided any references or any other documentation. If I was the landlord I wouldn't sign to let my property before I got references and a deposit.
  6. Hi all, Please bear with me on this one cause I want to give you exactly how the situation is so you can give me proper advise if possible. I wanted to rent a new flat and I have done a couple of viewings last week. I finally went to the agency (Foxtons) and singed the tenancy agreemtn after we have agreed on everything. There is just a slight problem from my side. I was expecting some funds (I was sure that they would come thats why I signed) to come in to my account so I can pay the deposit, the first month's rent as well as Foxtons' fees. Unfortunatelly these funds are
  7. So what are you suggesting, cause I am a bit confused!!!
  8. Also my first letter, should this be sent to the Leeds address, to Service Quality Team???
  9. Ok John, I will try to get that sorted. In the mean time, is there a template or something that I can start with to write the first letter for claiming the money back? Since Feb they have taken more than £500 from my benefits money.
  10. Thanks guys for your comments. I have tried to open another account at another bank but they have rejected the application on the ground that since HSBC keeps charging me interest rate my credit score is so low that I can't open anywhere else an account. I am going to be using the calculator on this link: Bank Charges: Reclaim them, they’re unlawful, inc. free template letters ... in order to see what HSBC owes me since I went unemployed and I need your help in order to put together a letter and start my claim please. Thanks, Chris.
  11. Here I am again!!! I just called the Benefits office, explained them the situation (that the bank is getting my benefits money), they told me that was wrong but they don't have any forms to use to claim the money back. Can you please help me (since English is not my mother tongue) to put together a first letter in order to claim back money? For now I am only interested for the past 3-4 months that I have been unemployed to claim all the benefit money, interest, fees and charges that have been imposed on me. Thanks for your help, Chris.
  12. Cool, I ll try the benefits office and let you know of the outcome. I have a feeling that I will be back here soon to ask for your help to prepare the letter. Thanks, Chris.
  13. Thank you very much for your reply. I was wondering if there is a template I can use in order to start the legal action against the bank...
  14. Is there any template letter that I can use to request back ALL the benefit money that have taken, plus interest rates and fees and charges?
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