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  1. Hi all, I was on this site a couple of months ago and you were all very helpful but now i have another problem i need help with. I have been having problems with Rossendales regarding thier charges on a council tax debt and i recently came into enough money to pay of debt and so i thought the best way was to pay coucil direct, as i could not do this at work (too many ears) i handed the job to my partner, she called council to pay only to be told that she HAD to pay rossendales charges too, and after some complaining was told (by a supervisor) that council could not take payment for c-tax only and again that we HAD to pay charges too. The debt was for £629 and we paid £276 in charges on top because my partner "just wanted to stop all this" and felt she had no choice. My question is who is responsible for the taking of this unlawful fee? I know that rossendales are at fault but surely the council are responsible for them and therefore have taken an illegal payment? The council could not even tell us what the fee was for. What do i do now? Many thanks for any forthcoming help
  2. ***UPDATE*** I have just recieved a breakdown of charges from Rossendales relating to my case. 1st Visit £24.00 2nd Visit £18.00 Levy £00.00 Visit with Van £110.00:confused: Waiting £60.00:confused: Still it doesnt add up, my debt is for £635.37. Plus these "charges" = £847.37....NOT the £988 they are asking for!!!!!!! I take it they are trying to defraud me and its now official complaint time?
  3. Thank you all for the advice. One more question though, can i claim against the bailiffs for these charges/interest on a previous debt that has been paid in full? We had problems 07/08 C-Tax and went through this but had the money to pay in full, which my girlfriend did and was told when she called the bailiff direct to pay that the amount had increased due to interest added. I think the debt was £1100 and we paid over £1300. There was a 1st & 2nd visit but no levy made on any of our goods. I assume this is fraud (from what i take from reading these posts).
  4. Hi, I have been having dealings with Rossendales bailiffs over a 2005 unpaid council tax and have been reading the very helpful thread/posts on this website but i do have one question i cant seem to get an answer for... Can Rossendales charge me interest on an unpaid council tax debt?? My debt seems to have nearly doubled in the 6 weeks i've been dealing with them from £600ish to just over £1000. Can anyone help me? I am willing to pay and have made a written offer but i get the usual "you have to deal with our van bailiff direct"! thanks for any forthcoming help. Buryman:confused:
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