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  1. ok ill post the article asap. here is the link Exeter parking row, Sapphire Security, Kim Spearey | This Is Exeter whoop whoop!!!!
  2. oh i wasnt aware of that so yeah go for it, you will prob win!
  3. if you contest this i suspect they will say that you are parked to close to the junction anyway and just re-fine you for that instead you can give it a go tho
  4. hi all thankyou to this site and the great wheelerdealer who gave me some help. i wrote to the company to contest the clamp release fee and to my local news paper. it seams that wj parking are in need of some good publicity as today they have printed my story in the local paper and the parking company have given a counter statement saying that they do not accept liability but as a good will gesture they will refund me the £100 back into my card account!!! what a result, so if in doubt get them some bad press, it seemed to work for me!!! thankyou to all who gave me your great advice.
  5. i am really sorry i wasnt trying to start the same thread again i was asking a separate q about contract and the person replying asked if i had been clamped so i replyed yes, i didnt mean to offend you i was just trying to establish other facts. i understand if you wont help me any more! really sorry im new to all this i didnt realise i had to stick to the same thread etc! thanks for all your help anyway kls203
  6. ok. this is brill thanks so much for your help. ye i was parked in the red arrowed space facing away from the green line and i paid at the pay and display machine to the R circled in pink. the sign was a little to the right of where the green line is but pointing in the same direction and the slot machine was lowere than the height of my car and located directle between where your green line is and my car. many thanks kls203 also where the pink p d machine is a hugh blue and white sign saying 'have you paid and displayed??'
  7. i did purchase a pay a display ticket but the attendant said it was from the wrong machine even though the one i bought the ticket from was more expensive than the one i apparently needed to use
  8. the car park next to the railway lines is the one i was in. in the first space to the left as you enter it. next to the stripy yellow lines. the pay and display machine and sign was to my right and the sign saying that it was a different machine was to the back of my car facing away from the space.
  9. when i parked my car in a private car park did i enter into contract with the owner of the land or the clamping company on behalf of the land owner. i dont really understand? also the signage in the car park is with a company called premier parking solutions and the clamping was with a different company called sapphire security LTD ( a sub group of wj parking) am i right in thinking that as the company pps are on all the signs i can not be charged for unclamping by a company with a difgferent name as there was no contract. also as pps and wj parking went into administration las
  10. the car park is on victoria yard next to the exeter college victoria yard building it has a railway line running off of it and the road that leads to it is off of queen street and is opposite the central train station.
  11. hi i have phoned my partners card company but they are unable to refund as they have already sent out the payment ( it was a debit not credit card) i have just discovered however that the company are under administration as s sub group of Wj parking and that sapphire securities are the same thing ( same director and everything) can i do anything because of this. i have also found out that the land owners are network rail so they will be the co defendants if i take it to small claims court. do i have a good enough case even? i saw the guy today clamping another car in another part of exeter
  12. hi guys im new to all this but i really hope that you can help me, yesterday i went into a pay and display carpark near the college in exeter and when i came back to my car 30 mins later it had been clamped by a company called premier parking solutions and they demanded that i pay £ 100 immediately to de-immobilise my car. i am heavily pregnant and i have 3 children that i need to get to nursery every day and reluctantly after crying for 20 mins and assuring the inforcer that i had a ticket he said that i had bought the ticet from a machine not allocated to that particular bay. I was totally
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