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  1. what does this mean if we already have a claim in process with welcome and they're already investigating? would this still be passed on or would welcome settle it themselves if it's already under investigation?
  2. hi all finally got round to reclaiming my ppi from welcome. their 8 weeks to reply to my questionnaire is now up. i have had 2 letters in the meantime, one where they acknowledged my claim with a copy of the complaint procedures etc., the second was just to say they were still investigating and will be in touch within 4 weeks, which has now gone. however i have spoke to them today and they told me it's still the the investigation team and i should have an offer within 10 days. is there any sort of letter template to send to chase them up? let them know i havn't forgotten about it sort
  3. i've had the same problem as you, 8 weeks was up so gave them a call, they told me it's still with the investigation department but to expect an offer within 10 days. with them telling me to expect an offer within the 10 days it sounds as though they're going to finally pay up
  4. Hi all, Just a quick update on things. I have not had the guts and Bo**ocks to start this fight with welcome evn tho i know what they have done is VERY wrong. So....... I was at work on Thursday 13th August and i recieve a voicemail message from welcome asking me to give them a call ??????? Upto this point i have been with them for 6-7 years and never ever missed a payment etc a model customer they called me LMFAO. Anyways when i ring them back to see what they wanted it was to offer me a SUBSTANTIAL saving on my loan account. "We can see from our records that you have neve
  5. Am i also right in thinking i am affected by the so called PPI Insurance underwrited with Norwich Union ?? http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/DuNnInG/scan0001.jpg The more ammo the better i suppose ???? Cheers Postggj
  6. Sorry for sounding dumb but is there a template for the letter of dispute or any hints tips to put in it as i am no good at all this consumer rights stuff massive thanks for your help so far
  7. Hi Thanks for looking over it so quickly for me I would like to know what the next step is now ?? And at what point would i be able to cancel my direct debit for them as i would be saving myself over £300 a month which is better in my pocket than theirs ! How do i go about it where my credit rating etc will not be affected ?? Also this loan was taken out and paid part of my previous loan off so are they charging me interest upon interest ?? Any info guys ??
  8. also can someone tell me, why my payment's are over 36 months, but the lifecare is over 60? thanks
  9. Hi everyone, Could someone have a quick look at my agreement and see if there is anything not right with my agreement ??? Anything that pops up could someone pm me please and point in in the right direction as to the first steps to take Many thanks in advance http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/DuNnInG/scan0004-1.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/DuNnInG/scan0003-1.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/DuNnInG/scan0002-1.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/DuNnInG/scan0001.jpg
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