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  1. My elderly mother now has to pay £101 a month a large increase from the stay warm tariff for a one bed very small terrace house! and the Tariff she is on is not as good as the stay warm she informs me.
  2. I could nt agree more:lol: Glad I do not have to deal with them professionally!
  3. Is it just me or is Wrexham council tax dept hopeless. After coming to agreement I have paid each month arrears and this years in 2 separate payments. In June they sent me a demand for over £200 as I was in arrears turns out they paid my money in to wrong account! They recalculated but today I received letter behind by £90.00! unbelievable tried for 15 mins to explain to office staff that it is impossible to be in arrears if I have paid all installments as required. any one else had trouble with them!
  4. Just thought you would like to know had letter that Jacobs sent to council he says he was in my hall way, Funny that I have not got one, where he was able to see some of the goods, it then says he cant remember where he was? Do I still have to pay the £25 and can I get that £50 he took off me? I read about the ombudsman saying councils must take responsibility for bailiffs should I go through the councils complaint procedure or get advice from the ombudsman ?
  5. Hi A couple of years ago DB insisted I fill in an income and expenditure form so they could "help me". all they did was not discus it in any way return all the paper work a few week later and proceed with a reposes ion action that was suspended. They would not accept my payment to pay part of the arrears and part a few weeks later . I have since refused to fill an income and expenditure form in. They have over the past few months kept sending them and insisting I fill it in. I have written and explained again why I feel it is of little use. I am paying the installment and the suspended paym
  6. Hi Thank you thats great, will send off mortgage charge letter asap. I have sent off a Subject access request and got all the paper work from them. A company I sent it to said I have a case for mis selling due to one thing my husbands age at retirement. But due to their fees they said they did not want to burden me with any more debt and to continue the complaint my self. Do you have any advice please on how to go about this do I Complain to db mortgages directly please? Thank you for your help.
  7. This letter I emailed was kindly composed by one of the other members of CAG. I am sure she will not mind me sending you a copy. Good luck with your appeal.
  8. Re; letter dated XXXX Your bailiff XXXXXl states he entered my property onXXXXXXXand levied on a TV DVD player TV stand ,Lounge suite , Tumble dryer, coffee table and wall mirror for 2 outstanding debt s It is my intentions to contest both the levy’s through your formal complaints procedure and local government ombudsman if need be for the reasons sated below 1) The same goods were levied against both debts I believe the local government ombudsman confirmed in their resent report against Blaby Council 2) The Bailiff did not enter my property 3) The goods listed
  9. Hi I have been in touch with a company who say I have a case against db Mortgages for mis selling and charges. They said because of my debts did not think it fair to put their charges on top of those. but to pursue my case, I have written the sars and got all info re charges etc but what do I do mow. I do not know how to write a letter for either of the above matters can any one help please? I tried looking in the letter section found one but dont understand what to do with it something about court claim for charges? thanks
  10. Hi there, Sorry for not getting back was ill, I moved the car to a safe place. but had a development. Wrexham wrote to say will take case back off Jacobs. Jacobs wrote a letter that stated they are adamant Bailiff entered house. They say they are under no legal obligation to put details down on the walking levy about the goods. But will only charge me £25 for the first visit! I am loathe to pay this as they had £50 off me as I was in a panic when they visited. They claim the bailiff could not access all the goods listed?? so I gave him a list of what was there. He did not enter the
  11. well if you have a car and you use it to do a delivery job, or the car is the only way you could reach your work public transport not available
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