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  1. hya, just been reading all your posts. and i am going through this at the min. i am in receipt of income support and disability living allowance, due to being so ill. i received a letter last week about having to go to an interview under caution, but unfortunatly i was really ill on the day and ended up in hospital. i did inform them of this, i rang and spoke to a lady who was actually really nice. yet today my benefit hasnt gone in the bank so i hav rang to ask my and been told to phone a different number, when i did this a woman there said its coz i failed to attend appointment, but i didnt i rang and spoke to sum1. basically a break down of communication. but its left me with no money at all. and a 4yr old child to feed and pay bills. anyway..... my situation is that i can be very very ill to the extent i cant physically move out of bed, because of this my daughters father calls round daily to see her and to also check if im ok and if he can help with anything. on a very rare occasion he has stayed over but due to me being so ill that if anything was to happend during the night with my daughter i wouldnt of been able to sort her out. he ISNT living here. he is helping me because of my sitation. if he didnt help me i would hav to claim carers allowance, and then they would moan wouldnt they. so for me finding alternate help i am bein punished like a criminal, when ther eis ppl out there genuinly screwing the benefit system over.... and im not yet im now sat here with £1.46 to feed my daughter, myself. and pay the household bills. how can they do this ? there should be measures in place, this sint fair. the stress of all this, is making more ill and the consultant at the hospital has said that this will end up in me needing another operation. i hope there happy
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