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  1. HI CitizenB, Thanks for the repsonse, I'll give the court a call on Monday and post an update on here soon after. thanks again, BNM
  2. Hi CitizenB, i have already submitte the claim online. the soolicitors have written to me saying the account is on Hold until they receive the documents I requested from their client. I'm not sure what a Holding Defence is? can you please explain? BNM
  3. Hi 42man, when you ask how old the debt is, are you referring to when it was opened or when i defaulted. the account was opened in 2005 i stopped making payment towards the end of 2007approx. when you say my defence needs to go to the court. what letters/doucments should I be forwarding on to them at this point? thanks BNM
  4. Hi again, I received a letter today from the solicitor telling me they have received my later and have referred the matter to their clients and are awaiting instruction. They are putting the account on hold for the time being. Is there anything I should be doing at this point? should I follow this up with another letter at any point? thanks BNM
  5. Is the next step to send the Below letter off and should it go to the solicitor or the court? I'm not clear as to whether I should be sending my defence to the court or to the solicitors or both since I'm putting this into dispute and my additional 14 days will soon come to an end. If it is, Should I sign my name or Print it? thanks again BNM 1 The Defendant denies ever having been indebted to xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx and denies credit has ever been advanced to him/her by xxxxxxxx. 2 The Defendant repeats paragraph 1 of his/her Defence and denies a debt was and/or was capable
  6. Hello again, I have now received letters from the court acknowledging the fact that I'm disputing the case. I have also received a letter from the solicitor saying that I have not agreed to make arrangements about the outstanding amount. The letter said nothing about the documents I asked for. Do I at this point need to forward any further documentation to the court as proof of why I am disputing this? thanks for your help BNM
  7. Thanks heliosfa, I've checked the notes but they aren't very clear as to whether it should be done or not. I'm just gonna do it online and leave the rest out. thanks for replying BNM
  8. Good Morning All, I am preparing to send off a copy of My CPR 18 letter to the solicitor. Should I also be sending the CPR 31.14 as well or do I only need 1 or the other? cheers BNM
  9. Hi cymruambyth, Thanks for replying, I'll fill it in online then, dont really fancy giving all that info uinless I absolutely have to. cheers, BNM
  10. thanks 42man, Do I just tick on the form that I intend to defend the Claim and do I need to sign it or print my name? Do I also need to fill out all of the personal and financial information the document is asking for? If not, can you tell me how this should be correctly filled in please? I'll be sending the letter off to the solicitors tomorrow by Recorded Mail. thank you, BNM
  11. Hi 42man, Thanks for replying, It says, "The claimant claim is for the balance due under an agreement which is now due and payable the defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX but has failed to do so And the claimant claimsthe sum of £XXXX.XX the claimant also claims interest thereon pursuant to S.69 county court act 1984 Limited to one year to the date hereof at the rate of 8% per annum amounting to 0.00" I'm on my way to work so will not respond back for a few hours. thanks for your assistance, BNM
  12. Hi again, after reading through the forum, It looks like the 1st thing to do is send off a CCA request. I would like to know if this is to be sent to the solicitor or to the Bank or both? Regarding the Claim form, I would like to defend all of the claim. It asks for for personal details regarding work,income,family, etc. Do I need to fill in all of this information? Thanks again in advance, BNM
  13. Hello all, Was wondering if anyone can Help, I received a Claim form from A solicitor on behalf of Tesco Finance. can someone please assist in Helping me fill this in. I would like to know how to properly defend this as I do not want any Bailffs knocking on my door. I buried my head in the sand previously hoping it would go away but i guess this isn't the case anymore. I received this document last week so have about another week to complete and return/respond online. The debt amount is under £5000 (£4604) Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated, BNM
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