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  1. Get the hell away from the Imbeciles. I spent 34mins on the damn phone this morning (Friday), then the damn phone went dead. At the beginning of the phone call they told me the wait was 10mins. I never bought anything straight forward, there is always a drama. People ripping people off like Susan7873 (court case pending) and getting away with it, people buying stuff and then not paying. Ebay do nothing about it. They're thieving, useless b*stards.
  2. Just a quick Warning about getting your free credit rating check by using the 30 day trial credit checks offered on Creditexpert.co.uk. Even if you cancel your subscription with them they will continue to take £6.99 from your bank account until you actually cancel by phone. Something in the small print aparently. It is safer and cheaper to get your credit file directly from the credit reference agency (Usually £1).
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