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  1. Ive got the forms to fill in to try and get my son a blue badge, he is on lower rate mobility. Ive been to see his GP about it and she fully supports the application, but I have to fill in my bit first stating his condition etc I am really rubbish at filling in things like that, can someone give me an idea of what to say, or what key words to use. I really dont want to mess up on it and put everything on it that i need to say to guarantee getting one for him (although i know there are no guarantees if you know what i mean). He is a complete danger walking near roads...runs off without warning, fixates on his obsession, cars...steps out onto oncoming traffic, has no sense of danger, just to name a few. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi I sent A CCA request to BH and within the 12 day + 2 they sent a DN, and then 2 days after that sent the information requested (which was enforceable). It seems that they sent this default notice on purpose because i requested a CCA!! (MBNA have done exactly the same!) Is there any way of getting these removed even if the arrears were paid up on time???? the arrears were paid by the date requested in the DN. Then a few weeks later, get a letter stating that they have charged a fee for the default that had recently been registered. But i thought if you paid the arrears within the time frame then they cannot register a default against you? and where can i check for free my credit history? thanks
  3. Hi hope its oks im going to join this thread because i am in the same boat as you guys. I handed the car back to MB, i knew they were going to sell it on, they did, for 7 grand short, and just passed it over to Stevensdrake solicitors who sent me the threatning letters asking for full payment or court. I contacted them and made an arrangement of £50 per month as thats all i can afford. Anyway, all i have is a statement of what it was sold for - and i am just taking their word for it really arnt i? I havent questioned it at all. So far i have paid them around £600 - should I CCA them or subject request them? Or ask for details on who bought the vehicle etc? Would it make any difference anyway? ONE payment was late (their mistake) and they sent me a charging order! because of their mistake i sent them a cheque which crossed in the post with their letter. I hate Stevensdrake - they are poisen - and forever trying to wind me up - they are very hostile indeed. Beechy - i sent you a friend request! Any ideas on how to squash this would be great. Fiona
  4. I take it the solicitors are Stevensdrake? They are a nasty piece of work. I too have the same problem. sold it 7k short and i have to foot the bill. im paying £50 per month. im only taking their word for it what it was sold for.
  5. dear diddydicky i love it! how i chuckled when i read that!! i will defo be using that to send off to them hahhaahah thanks very much!
  6. Hi every body, I sent for a CCA, waited for 12 + 2 then I sent a default, but this letter crossed in the post, are they just trying to blow smoke up my bum? Any body recieved this letter, and if so, what happened? Kind regards,
  7. ok on some accounts i have where ive CCA'd them, they have sent me a bill for the full amount - but no CCA!! its a bit like 'you do that to us, we'l do this to you!'. most recently Black Horse.AND they sent a DN!
  8. I've just seen the MBNA thread where someone lost where they had an unenforceable agreement but the judge STILL awarded in favour if MBNA. so starting to worry a little...!
  9. Well that's what I thought. It's seems a cheek that they-wescot- are taking money off me with having a copy of the CCA. Do you think if I leave it I might get myself in bother, maybe I should write them a letter reminding them that they have been taking money off me so they should prove there is a debt?
  10. Wrote to Wescot requesting a copy of CCA with £1 fee. Waited the 12 + 2 days for a reply. One letter arrived saying they were contacting their client and would be back in contact in due course. In the mean time the 12 + 2 expired so i sent them a 'default' letter which they would have received yesterday. Received another letter from them today which enclosed my fee and a letter saying: ' further to your recent correspndence regarding the above account. Our Client has requeted you write tohe following address and state in your cvering letter that this is a section 77/78 request ad enclose a cheque or postal order for £1.00 payable to the client. CCA REQUESTS CARD CUSTOMER SERVICES PO BOX 5747 SOUTHEND ON SEA For further request enclose £10.00 made payable to the client and they will process these request direct. Thank you blah blah blah So where do i go from here? do i contact RBS now requesting the cca or write a third letter to Wescot as they have been collecting money off me for some time so surely they would have a copy of the CCA at their disposal? And I dont understand why they are asking me to send £10 for 'further requests' ???? As I say i have defaulted them and made them aware payments will stop until a CCA is produced.Right or wrong?? Please help!!
  11. Ive been looking at a few threads about DNs and I have one (well, had more than one in the past) and seen that some DN have been invalid which makes me suspisious about mine. Can someone tell me what I need to look out for to ensure I have been issued a valid DN, and if its invalid what do i do with it? Do i write to the creditor telling them about the error or just keep quiet incase they take me to court? Sorry I hope this post makes sense
  12. Ive received a letter from IJ stating that I owe them money because my paypal account is in deficit (which is what they done. Heres whats happened: I sold a genuine item, was paid, posted item off special delivery A few days later I withdrew the money thinking everything would be OK:!: The buyer then putS a complaint into PAYPAL swas in full working saying item was faulty (which it wasnt) I disputed it saying item was not faulty, but PAYPAL decided in his favour and refunded him the money from my account putting it into minus XXXX , HOWEVER i did not get the item returned. IJ have passed this onto Geofrey Parker Bourne solicitors, to which said not to reply to them but to phone IJ, which i havent and wont but sent a dispute letter outlining my reasons for not refunding back the money. I have suggested that they prove i received the item first which i havent as they would be able to check for signitures/dates etc Now im worried incase they still award it in buyers favour, first he lied, now hes kept the item AND had a refund, so why should i pay up to paypal when they closed the case before checking id had the item? Any tips or ideas/templates for letters would help to go to these numnuts! by hook or by crook i will fight this! if they issue court proceedings is there a minimum amount they can claim for in court?
  13. Hello Im having trouble with IJ, would it be possible for me to see what letters where sent to them please, ive just sent you a PM I hope you can help:) these cheeky wotsits leave a lot to be desired!
  14. Yes I have sent off my reply letter now so while its in dispute now, i can withold payments, right?
  15. I have informed Child Tax credit people that i am in receipt of DLA and Carers for my son, I let them know over 4 weeks ago. However I have not had a reply from them by post. I do not knw how this effects my child tax credit payments, im assuming they go up, but i dont know how much by. What do they normally increase it by? as i have no idea! and how long is it for them to process this information. Im not sure if i should give them a call again. Thanks in advance
  16. Anyone know? Just to clarify, the DLA is for my son and I get the Carers allowance, but was wondering if there is a reduction for council tax at all? There probably isnt but its worth an ask - if you dont ask you dont get, right?? Im asking because we are really struggling with our CT payments right now. Hopefully someone will know the answer!
  17. Hiya Im in receipt of DLA and Carers allowance for my son, and was just wondering should i get a discount on council tax? Im married.
  18. I have a couple of questions, Im hoping someone can help me as I am unsure as to some of the advice that i have read on here I have requested a true signed copy of my Agreement, the 12 + 2 is up, I have done another letter putting the account into dispute (from here).... do I send that now as they have defaulted (i havent sent it yet) OR do i wait because i have to give them an extra 30 days from when i first posted the letter (which was 16th June??) (It was sent RD and has been signed for so there is no denying my request). Is the default letter that have ready to go reminding them that they have some additional time, if they do not come up with it, it is an officence (Criminal???). I keep reading everyones posts but some of it is conflicting, really sorry if i sound dim but i really want to get this right. I would have thought MBNA would need to have a signed copy readily available? thank you 'moonie'
  19. Oh ok I think you are right. Very cleverly worded though right? It says if unconvienient please call xxxxx so that is probably when they would draw you into conversation.!! I won't be calling them. They can send me my CCA first!!
  20. That was the letter I sent along with the CCA request. They haven't responded to either letters (yet). It's been 2 weeks since they signed for my letters.
  21. Hi Help appreciated from anyone in the know!! I keep getting postcards from Mbna, saying one of their agents will call at my house on XX date, to discuss my account. I received quite a few and have written to them (rd) and asked them to stop sending these cards, and they have ignored my request. They haven't even acknowledged my letter!!This was sent with a CCA request and received another card on the 26th June saying a rep was going to arrive at my house THAT VERY DAY if unconvienient please call XXXXX No one turned up and if they had I would have told them to GET LOST!! Is anyone else getting these postcards? And how can I get them to stop? I haven't had a reply to my CCA req yet and doubt I will ever get a copy of my agreement.
  22. That sounds favourable.... Il send a copy of that letter Above to mint by RD
  23. Hi yes I sent it RD and it has been received. Do I reply to Mint or this SQN muppets.?
  24. Ive had the same same letter from sqn and im confused. is it to check my credit rating or something? i dont want to call them on the freephone number really:rolleyes:
  25. Hi there I recently wronte to MINT/RBS requesing a true copy of CCA, enclosed the £1 and its at the end of the 12 + 2 days for them to send me a copy. However! I have received a letter from SQN on behalf of Mint and I am so confused with it (which is probably what they want to do anyway!) It reads 'we are writing to you because we are trying to contact xxxxxx xxxxxx, concerning an important matter. We have used the servces of external agencies and therefore wish to verify that we are contating the right person.. Please call us on freephone xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss.' sqn services ' is this the typical trying to blow smoke up my a**** tact? Can i now put the account into dispute because they havent provided me with the relevant details but they have take my fee etc??
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