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  1. in another phone the sim works and a friend's valid vodaaphone sim isn't recognised in LG G2 so it is locked; the seller has accepted this and says will refund; thanks everyone for your assists
  2. btw I emailed the seller asking for suggestions but no reply
  3. will do, 0870 075 5588 on Mon; thanks; I will post results; eventually I might have to return the phone and claim via bank chargeback
  4. I get " Emergency Calls Only"
  5. Labara told me to insert it into smartphone and dial them on 5588 to activate it
  6. SAN-D do you mean the Labara PAYG sim should be recognised. I can connect to laptop via bluetooth. It's an LG G2 D802
  7. I bought an unlocked smartphone on ebay but network selection choice is greyed out so unable to enter providers details. Is this "mis-described"? Pald by debit card.
  8. WELL DONE dx and tez for helping with advice and opinions
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