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  1. Hello just to let you know I have not heard anything sine the court threat. I think that's to try and scare you into paying at the last resort, you should definatly ignore this company they cannot justify their charges in court anyway
  2. And theres no chance of UK PAO owning the car park?
  3. So basically just ignore them from now on? Is there no chance they would ever win in court? Why not? If they take it to a debt collection agency and I don't pay them can't they mark it on my credit file?
  4. I've had a good look on google street view and it's actually the detached house next to the garage. The house is split up, I managed to zoom in on their bins and found they go up to at least 53E. They do have 2 Sky dishes though... Google maps info: UK Parking Administration Office Ltd‎ - more info » 53 Richardshaw Lane, Leeds, LS28 7NB‎ - 0113 255 8080‎ - 0.1 mi NUnverified listing Write a review City Express Logistics‎ - more info » 53 Richardshaw Ln, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28‎ - 0113 255 5500‎ - 0.1 mi NUnverified listing Write a review
  5. I have then recently received this letter, which has a clear picture of my car and states they have 6 years to bring a claim against me, can anybody confirm this?
  6. I then received the above letter, to which I replied with a letter template from this website: Re: Your letter dated 14/04/2009 I refer to your previous correspondence. I will welcome the opportunity to defend your allegation in court and am confident of success. Of course you will be required to produce the evidence that I have requested and you have failed to provide. You will also have to answer to the court why you failed to do so. Unless you provide evidence to substantiate your claim against me I shall be unable to
  7. I ignored the original notice, then received a number of 'statements' notifying me of my ever increasing balance adding £3 per day I replied with this letter: UK P.A.O Ltd PO Box 200 Leeds LS28 0AT Parking charge/Reference Number: ***** Issued at: Alexandra Retail Park, Grimsby I refer to the statement I received notifying me of £189 worth of parking charges, this amount should be forwarded to the driver of the vehicle at the time, not the registered keeper. For future reference my address has changed to
  8. I received a parking charge notice from UK PAO Ltd. on the 5th feb 2009 for parking in a disabled bay. There was plenty of other disabled spaces and I was only there for about 10 minutes, either way I knew the charge was laughable and looked for any ways to get out of paying, I found this forum and have sent a few letters but now they have sent me a picture of my car and still saying they will take to court, now actually giving me a 14 day notice so maybe I will find out soon enough. I've seen a few threads about this company and from what I've seen they have no chance of winning in cour
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