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  1. Hi Freaky & Guys/Gals Sorry not updated this, been busy doing other things amongst getting advice about this, I contacted TS and they made contact with iQor to inform them that the case is now udner investigation, and that I'm under 18. Apparently they are being co-operative...funny now that an official body gets involved they play by the book. They also going to investigate into eBay/PayPal regarding their duty to ensure members are over age and the user policies on accounts such as DP procedures. Will update you in due course, as soon as I get news
  2. Just got this back from Consumer Direct: I shall follow their advice and update you in due course
  3. Yeah I read up some places about that, but the chance of them doing it is very low, mainly due to the low payout they would get.
  4. I have quite a few websites that I own that dont have any income streams, but I would like to do one that can earn me a little bit of money to see me some luxuries etc. but cant because all merchants require 18+
  5. Good point, let him in on a cut of 20% max though haha
  6. Thank you I already asked him this when I was starting out, he said he would love to but he doesn't like giving his bank details out online. Guess I'll have to wait until I turn of age, unless I meet a partner in the mean time.
  7. Xbox Live Subscriptions are codes that are sold to allow the buyer to go online with their xbox 360 console, I purchased them from aregistered supplier in US, who sent them via email, I processed them into an access database, and setup a script to automatically select one from the database and send upon payment for instant delivery - something my rivals couldn't offer. It was a great business, I thoroughly enjoyed it, only to be beat down my PayPal/eBay. My own fault entirely, I just wish there could be a merchant service for under 18's setup by the government perhaps - only they would probabl
  8. So as to look prepared, I have read completely this document from the OFT regarding fair business ethics for DCA's: http://oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/consumer_credit/oft664.pdf I noted the following: S2.4 e: Pursuing third parties for payment when they are not liable. That would apply to me right, if the DCA in question was of full awareness of my age. Just wanted to gather some information about the law so I can ask the solicitor if such things can be dealt with accordingly. Solicitors closed today, so heading there first thing after my examination in the mor
  9. I also took the time to contact Consumer Direct, a subsidary of TS and OFT with this rather long message, just hitting their 2275 character limit.
  10. Ok, I'll be going alone as don't want Dad to have to take some time off work, he already had 2 weeks off for a broken rib, don't want to add to his troubles. This should be a valuable experience if nothing else.
  11. Ok, in final preparation before going to the solicitors to make an appointment, what do you think I should take? I dont have proof of emails sent to them, although they're probably stored on a server of theirs. I only have replies of emails, should I print these off and take them with me? I have 2 letters from NCO Europe, a postcard saying they will call on Tuesday (no date, no time, no appointment made) and 1 letter from iQor telling me if I don't pay up, they'll begin legal proceedings which could result in: "interest on the balance outstanding", "legal expenses" and "difficulty ge
  12. Ok, so printoffs of emails they have sent me such as the one from PayPal. I dont have any record of messages I sent them though, that's my main worry. Because they conveniently expire after 1 month and delete from sent messages box. I just found a belting email though Nothing about closing my account, only that it will stay suspended under full knowledge of my age.
  13. I did contact eBay although I have no record of it, as the messages you send via their online form can be recorded in your Sent Messages, but seem to interestingly expire after a certain amount of time. I think I shall get some legal advice, although I'm just thinking that it will be hard to explain to a solicitor, what things should I take with me?
  14. :DWas a healthy little income, about £2k of that was to go to buying more stock, was a good experience until all this. But oh well, life eh? And I'm sure if there is a good chance of winning, my father would take it further. And data protection act can be served by myself and can it be sent digitally via email, could you point me in the direction of a template please? Thank you sir.
  15. I got several emails from them regarding my suspension: Firstly as my reputation had decreased by about 40 in a few days due to not being able to fulfill orders. (Seller Non-Perfomance) I then got several emails with invoices about the payment, which I emailed them back to tell them that NCO were dealing with it and therefore eBay no longer played role in getting the money from me. They said yeah fine confirmed but still send these notices, perhaps harassment? Then I found this letter from iQor yesterday, even though I was under the impression it was NCO dealing with it - don't
  16. Here is the screen when I login, shows I am no longer a registered user, but I can still access it and my details are still there. Same on PayPal, just comes up with account limited but I can access everything. Yfrog - ebay1.jpg I had £600 left after refunds which was held in paypal for 180 days, that expired last month, got my money and enjoyed every bit of it. But they havent closed my account, which is infringement of their UA.
  17. I just found this in their User Agreement (PayPal): A Special Note About Children. Children are not eligible to use our service and we ask that minors (under the age of 18) do not submit any personal information to us or use the service. So I have submitted my info to them, but they wont remove it, any legal issues there? Awaiting reply from eBay's Head of Trust.
  18. I was suspended because I had received over £3,000 in one month, PayPal asked me to prove my identity to comply with some law, of course, there was no way to avoid and I just wanted to close the listings, so I admitted to being under 18. Despite emails to to PayPal informing them they must remove my account info from their servers, they have failed stating they can keep my account under suspension and contact them at the age of 18 to have data removed. So in long ways, they came to knowledge I was underage yet I can still login to PayPal and eBay but receive the account is limited no
  19. Thanks so much for your help guys, going to contact both eBay via Richard and CAB. Also going to let my Dad know about this, sooner rather than later, I'll just say I've been a prat and got meself into a bit of a pickle here. I might go to the solicitors later today, theres one round the corner although I feel a little dodgy going to a solicitors, I dont think they will fully understand, and might treat me funnily thinking I dont understand the full consequences when I do.
  20. I think it would be best to write a letter to iQor and eBay rather than PayPal as it is eBay who have instructed iQor to collect the fees. Although iQor seem to have added £20.00 to the original amount that eBay say I owe...isn't that illegal? I'm trying to construct a letter that sounds like I know what I'm talking about, but having a little trouble, any ideas on what to put in? Thanks alot you guys.
  21. Ok, I'm not the best at writing, could anyone be so so kind as to whip up a quick template, if not I'll do my best but I don't want to make a fool of myself, after all, need to make a positive impression. Thanks guys for your help, it's really reassured me that nothing bad is going to happen, I've learnt my lesson so to speak.
  22. Thanks so much for your support so far. Do you think the Citizens Advice Bureau can do anything for me, because I don't have enough money to go see a solicitor, sounds daft an' all but I don't but if it comes to it, will have to work something out. I don't know if I could talk to my Dad, he's 50 something old and he's kind of a straight cut guy, manages his finances well etc and I don't think he'd take to kindly to the news. And I just left school so no luck there either. Any idea what the police could do, I don't know if they would take me seriously, I have never had to deal with a
  23. I refunded days after the transaction, refunding direct via PayPal. eBay haven't written to me stating so, but NCO Europe, and now iQor have/are threatening to take me to court. I just finished school and want no trouble, they're so inconsiderate, I know, I was wrong for opening an account but I just want to sort this out. Should I send them a CCA or write/ring them to tell them of my age. Should I fax them a copy of my passport as proof of age etc? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  24. Thanks mr.ton but is there any way I can default the debt as I am under the age of 18. I read somewhere that you can, because cannot be legally tied to a contract.
  25. Hello, I am under 18 - please don't inform me I can't have an eBay account until the age of 18, I understand this and now understand my stupidity with registering, however I endeavour to seek advice about my current issue. It all happened when PayPal suspended my account in late 2008 - about 7 months ago now - and I had listings on eBay for selling things, now my account on eBay was also suspended and I couldn't cancel the listings, people purchased items and of course, eBay charge a final value fee to the seller which is a percentage of the item listing's final sale value. Now
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