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  1. Just when I thought this was dead and buried it's come up again In August last year we started getting the usual 'pay up or else' letters again and when we replied to tell them where to stick their requests they claimed they had no received the letter. We then sent another copy of it to them in early Sept, telling them where they could shove their requests, this time by recorded delivery. Again no response...until xmas eve when we got a response from the same useless woman who wrote the gobblegook letter posted earlier saying she was sorry for the delay in responding but that she wo
  2. Just got home to find 18 letters from DWP on the doormat!! One for each individual loan they claim was never paid back (ie every loan ever taken out), this time from Debt Management Manchester (Off Benefit), demanding payment immediately. This was after a phone call yesterday asking why we had not responded to the last letter that I posted above, to which my partner replied only that we would not deal with them by phone. Doesn't seem like this is going to go away So what now? Send the statute barred letter to this contact centre too? Include a copy of the response from the job centr
  3. Yeah, sorry I should clarify - this is all my partners 'debt' from when he was with his ex-wife 14 years ago. It has nothing directly to do with me except that they wanted to know my income too when they asked for repayments. I'm guessing they can't touch any benefts I might claim, it'd have to be his if he claimed anything. It just seems crazy to me that they're trying to claim that over 18 loans none of them were repaid at all I don't see how that could even happen and it certainly didn't! I think I'm going to ignore it for now and wait to see if anything else turns up and dispute
  4. Thanks cerberusalert So do we just ignore this letter or reply to point out again that we do not accept there is any debt, that it was paid back years ago? The chances of us claiming benefits anytime soon is slim, but I still want the right to argue this if we ever do because as far as we are concerned we do not owe them this money. What should we do when the inevitable debt centre letters start again? Ignore them or respond? And it mentions that they can pass the case to a private sector debt agency. Can they do this and are they likely to? Sorry for all the questions
  5. Finally got a reply and I can't make head nor tail of it! I've got a few immediate thoughts about what they've said, but I'd welcome suggestions as to how to reply or even if I should bother replying? Just a few notes - 1) There was never any suggestion that loans weren't taken out, just not this many and those that were were paid back soon after. The letter seems to respond as if we were denying ever having any loans at all and if we did that we were refusing to pay them back which isn't the case at all. Our issue is that some loans were taken out and that they we
  6. Thanks cerberusalert! I've copied that letter and will fax it to them tomorrow along with reiterating that all correspondence should be in writing. I'll keep you posted. I have a funny feeling this one isn't just going to go away
  7. They've come back to us now saying they don't believe that this signature my partner used on his letters is his usual signature and therefore they are not prepared to investigate further or reply to his last two letters, one of which is the statute barred letter. They state their reason as needing to confirm his identity and have advised that they will pass it back to the dca if he does provide them with signed copies of his letters. How should we move forward?
  8. Today I received a reply from DWP saying they were now ready to respond to the statute bared letter and another we sent asking for proof of the debt. Trouble is they have said that they cannot respopnd until we send them another copy of the letters that are signed (we didn;t sign them). What should we do? Alarm bells, or is it reasonable to ask for a letter to be signed? Will a printed name do? Any advice gratefully received!
  9. Just an update - I faxed the statute barred letter to both the relevent DWP office and the debt centre office (just to make sure they couldn't blame each other for not having received it - it still took two attempts for one and three for the other to get anyone to acknowledge receipt!) and yesterday got a letter thanking us for writing and stating that they are investigating the details of the case and will get back to us shortly. Fingers crossed! I'll post any replies I get. Thanks everyone for your help so far
  10. Thanks guys for all your help. I have sent them the letter in the first template and I'm waiting for a reply. I've also asked them to provide evidence that the loans were even taken out because they've always said they can't, they can only give us a total. I don't really care if they take it from benefits. We don't claim anything at all that they can take it from and hopefully won't have to. If we ever do in the future, then so be it I guess. I'm only really bothered about the prospect of court action, anything affecting credit ratings or bailiffs turning up and hopefully they can't do an
  11. Thanks for your advice. There was a clear period of over 10 years where no payment or contact was made. It's the DWP's Debt Centre Salford who are trying to collect. I'll send them a letter as you suggest and keep my fingers crossed. Do you suggest I make any mention of the fact that a few small payments were made under duress three years ago, well after the 6 year period the act requires?
  12. Hi, This is the first time I've posted here and I've seen a few questions similar to mine, but not exactly, so I hope it's ok to post a new thread! My partner took out a number of small social fund loans in 1995 when he was with his ex-wife which he is adamant he paid back via his benefits at the time. Then out of the blue in 2005 he received two letters, one stating he owed the DWP a repayment of £259.90 becuase he was apparently overpaid income support ten years previously and another stating he owed £813 in unpaid social fund loans from the same year. He disputed both of these wit
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