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  1. HI , Basically i had given 250 pound and £190 in fees but on the day of signing the landlord refused and the agent dosnt want to return my money back despite the fact "ALL WAS WELL". I took the agent to court and the court put a date for Pirmary hearing because they think i have a small chance of wining? Please help me I feel cheated by the Agent, landlord and the small claim court. AM SO Thanks in advance
  2. If your heater is not working and the other heater is not enough to heat the room, then you are with in you right to ask for the fire heater to be repaired or repalced. If they refuse to do that you can sent a letter of breach of contact under the tenancy agreement. Put your request in writing so you can proof if you need to. As for the floor boards they must send someone to fix it. again if you contacted them over the phone and that didn't work. write to them and simply say they need to come and fix or you will fix it and send the bill. remind them of there obligation to you an
  3. Hi, on the 24th of jan I fished my negotiation with the state agents about the renting the property. based on the condition below i paid state agents fee some of the deposit and agreed to pay one months rent and the reminder of the deposit. Agreed date to sign and pay was 29th of jan 2011. Here is my conditions: p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } To sign the contract this week ( 29th of jan as agreed) The fee be reduced to £190.00 as there are only be two guarantor references. The washing machine be put in place before moving in date. The Contract (sh
  4. hi, What steps do you take from start to finish? please can you summaries the action taken so i ca follow suit. am also looking to take my bike insurance company to court because they will not change my address details before i pay up £65.00. considering a full yours insurance on my bike costs £75.00 thanks:)
  5. where can i find "current legislation that say it should be 1 month notice not two". Thanks it means a lot to me.
  6. hi, please help please help please help please help please help please help My landlord in Administration. i received a letter from Leader lettings to the "Current tenants" informing me that my landlord is no longer my landlord and i should pay them the rent? the also say any money i paid before 9th of April is not a valid payment? "and may therefore affect your rent history"?? my contract is assured short hold tenancy agreement renewed from 15 of November 2009 with 2 months notice and option to leave after 6 months. I want to know : 1. is may contract still val
  7. hi, It's been sometime since i got back from my holidays thinking i would have received some more request from cap-quest but i have not... the last letter i got back with my SAS was from Natwest still asking me for a verification of my signature?? dated on 06 July 09.. now am back and ready to go on the offensive;). what's my first move? plz advice me. it's been more than 40 days for sure!! thank a lot
  8. thanx for the advice:) i think ill wait till the 40 days are up then ill send a letter. also what should be my position with the DCA. i think they will send more letters??
  9. nice one. i sent the original request on the 19th of jun.
  10. More news. Natwest sent my letters back saying " please send evidence of signature to allow us to release your personal info" Now i have stated the a signature is not a proof of identity. natwest wants my signature, and i don't want to give it. What can i do to get them to give me the Subject access reqest. sorry for not updating sooner as i was ill with the Flu:(
  11. am thinking of sending this letter to Natwest? plz tell what you think???:):) -------------------------- 000000000000 0000000000 000000000000 0000000000 Date: 30/06/2009 National Westminster Bank PLC account ref: 000000000 Dear Natwest, I have received your letter dated 25 June 2009 regarding my request for Subject Access Request. Its unfortunate that my postal order was not payable to the correct payee. I had the impression that I don't need to put a payee on the postal order as I have put the postal order number with the letter for your
  12. thanx Mr. lex am not sure how to go about changing the template? :( http://www.consumerforums.com/resour...mplate-letters- they have not sent me anything except my: postal order , my SAS letter and this letter that you have read? this is what i sent : -------------------------------------- 0000000000 000000000000 0 0 0 0 Date: 19/06/2009 National Westminster Bank PLC account ref: Dear Sir or Madam, As per the section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998, "Subject Access Request", I hereby request that you su
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