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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Found this template letter on a burnley site.. thought it was brilliant Name Address Address Lancashire BB Date Parkwise PO Box 1023 Preston Lancashire PR1 3ZA Dear Sir/Madam I am writing with regard concerning a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) dated **/**/**. The penalty notice is: **********. I am now formally contesting the validity of this ticket as although it follows Department of Transport guidelines (Local Authority Circular 1/95), it does not conform the Road Traffic Act 1991 (RTA 1991). My ticket states: ‘You are therefore required to pay a penalty of £60 wit
  3. Halifax upset me again.. I was going to leave my second account for before claiming it back (as a kind of savings scheme.. if i havent got it i cant spend it) But after having a row on the phone with 4 people just to get my address changed i lost the plot.. i did get an apology and £25 compensation for my distress tho. Anyway i emailed them last monday 3rd July, telling them they have 7 days to refund all money [edit] from my account or i will be taking them to court. I used my Conusmer action group email address and they must have taken notice cos i got a letter on Thursday
  4. Update. I Win again. THE HALIFAX ARE PANSY'S I did nothing i decided to wait for a reply to my letter asking for them to pay the interest as i hadnt had an acknowledgement. Today i recieved a letter (via my mother) saying that they were paying £515.33 into my account by way of interest and would i please notify the court that they had settled without liability. I checked my bank account this morning, the interest was paid in, in cash on Monday. My advice to all new commers is: Tell them what you want, Tell them when you want it, Sit back and let them sweat. In
  5. hi and welcome to the site in answer to your questions 1,yes 2,no 3,upto you i would personally do two seperate claims against the bank but read the FAQ Good luck
  6. oh and i forgot.. they paid in the odd £3 too so they are defending the whole amount that i claimed.. but they wrote to me and said that was wrong and i agreed with their amended sum.. and thats what they paid me.. so Arrgghhh.. Basically one dept paid me the correct amount minus interest even though it was mentioned in the money claim form.. you win some you loose some.. Another dept is defending the entire claim neither dept has written to me to acknowledge they have or havent paid me i recieved court papers for staines court. i should know life is never simple bu
  7. Do any of the mods have any ideas on this one?? im tempted on one hand to let it ride and go to court and see what happens (whilst in the mean time spending every penny and closing the account) on the other i could just ring the court and say they have paid up so im not sure how they are defending the entire amount. If i havent heard anything from you guys i will ring the court tomorrow and let them know that halifax have paid and so there is no need to proceed. Although it would be funny to turn up in court an say "im not sure why they dragged me here as they paid up weeks ago"
  8. just when i thought it was safe to ignore the idiots regarding the first account. Bearing in mind they paid the full amount give or take a gnats whisker into my account last week or the week before (im drunk on the power of spending) i recieved via a phone convo with my mum today court papers.. so logged on to moneyclaim halifax XXXXXX Defence You are unable to take any further action online on this claim. The Defendant disputes the whole amount you have claimed. Your claim cannot proceed online and will be transferred to the appropriate court for contin
  9. Halifax are going to hate me. I just had a look at my second account. I only opened it because i won world cup tickets a few years back from the sun newspaper, didnt want them and so cashed them in and needed somewhere to put the cash. Didnt use the account that often and so figured that there wouldnt be that much in the way of charges.. well in two years on an account that gets used for things like ebay purchases, ie i pay the money in, pay pal takes it out, £485 in charges. I was gobsmacked to say the least. So today i rang and said in my politest manner "can you send me a lis
  10. update Sent them a letter saying basically just trying my luck saying that i want my 8% as well (as it was mentioned in the money claim) anyway checked my bank account the next morning before they had time to receive the letter and some money was in there. Paid in CASH. £2000 which wasnt the amount claimed. so anyway i began the hard work of spending it. Then later in the day another £120 was paid in CASH it still doesnt add up quite to the amount i claimed. so im waiting til the court date to see what happened. its only out by a couple of pounds though minus the interest which is
  11. Thanks for all your help. I will write a letter on her behalf to o2 requesting a copy of the terms and conditions and a transcript of the call etc and see where we go from there. Luckily there are witnesses at every stage. A feel a court case brewing LOL
  12. Looking for a bit of advice on this one. My friend took out a contract with o2 for her son when he went into the army aged 17. Obviously not old enough to have a contract of his own, but needing one to keep in contact when away. When she took out the contract she asked if she could have a £100 limit on the phone after which the phone would be blocked until the bill was paid. she was advised that this was ok and so signed on the dotted line. The money was to be paid straight out of her sons account by direct debit. o2 failed to request any money from her sons account for the first month a
  13. Fantastic News. Brilliant feeling isnt it.. I got my letter today Dont spend it all at once LOL
  14. Now i take up poker LOL they folded.. Letter this morning.. my mum rang bless her.. she is as excited as me. Dont know the full details as havent seen the letter and mum was screaming.. but as i understand it... they dont admit liability...i should manage my funds better... they are saints and im **** but its better for them to give me some money than to go to court.. no mention of interest though.. just what they owe me plus costs. they do reserve the right to close my account though.. so i will write back reserving the right to sue them if they do.. but im just going to lea
  15. Dont you just love them.. Negotiate but then they cant LOL Anyway HALIPRATS intend to Defend... So i now sit and wait i guess. I think the next step is to wait for the letter from the court. Bring it on ....
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