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  1. Sorry Banker, I will give some more details: I am the claimant. I had a store card with Burtons a while ago and incurred late payment fees. I also noted that they added PPI on to the account (which I did not ask for) I wrote to them asking for them to refund the cahrges and PPI. They refused. I sent them a letter before action. They sent a letter stating that they still refused to negotiate. So I ended up going through the small claims procedure. After starting a claim online, they have said that they intend to defend the claim. It has got to the point of submitting allocat
  2. Hi All, I have sent in my allocation questionnaire to the court and unfortunatley the store card company put their AQ in just on time. Do I need to send the list of charges etc to the court and to the defendant now? Or do I need to wait until I am instructed to by the court? I was wondering if it was worth sending the details of the charges to the solicitors acting for the defendant/store card and see if they will settle sooner rather than dragging the whole thing to court... Any help??
  3. Thanks Guidot, that is what I thought would happen. Fingers crossed they'll not bother to send it in....I will keep you updated. Thanks for your info
  4. Hi Guidot, It does indeed. It says that the defendant's case and any counter claim will be struck out unless they file the AQ. I am hoping that they forget to send it in and then i assume I can get a judge ment by default... What do you reckon?
  5. Hi All, I have taken action against a store card and have recently received a General Form of Judgement or Order stating that the defendant has failed to file the allocation questionnaire (I delivered my AQ by hand). They have given a deadline within the next few days for the store card rogues to submit their AQ. I am quite surprised by how sloppy the store card company have been. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what should I expect? Am I nearing the end of the fiasco? Any help appreciated...
  6. Thanks Bookworm. I have filled out the AQ and asked for standard disclosure. I was wondering what else (if anything) is required in the other information box on the questionnaire? I understand that you offer a more detailed case should the case end up in court. Again, apologies for my ignorance on the matter, I am trying, honest! Thanks
  7. Thanks Bookworm. I have looked through most of the guide and I am convinced that I have a good case. I cannot seem to see much on PPI reclaimning though. What I have read normally suggests contacting the FOS. From what I can ascertain from various websites, PPI is miss-sold if: 1) It is attached to a credit card or loan without the consent of the customer (obviously) 2) Did not ask my employment status 3) Did not explain the entire cost of the PPI etc I have to say, my understanding of the PPI is quite vague. I cannot seem to find any good information on it. If this w
  8. I have looked through the FAQs. As far as I can see, I do have a case. I do not see anything about PPI in the FAQs.
  9. Hi Bankfodder, thanks for the advice. I have not been in this position before so I am looking at as much info as I can. Would you recommend any particular areas? Thanks
  10. Bankfodder the details are on this link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/store-cards/209652-store-card-reclaiming-3.html There is a Word file halfway down which is the scanned defence... Thanks for your help
  11. Sorry Bankfodder, was does POC stand for? I have attached the defence on here on another thread. I will try to find it and leave a link
  12. Do you mean what was on my original claim form? If so, I can put the details on here i presume?
  13. Hi Bankfodder, I am claiming for the charges and the interest that they added. I am also claiming the PPI insurance back as I never specified that I wanted PPI. I haven't filled in the Allocation Questionnaire yet but I will state on the form that I never requested the PPI. I signed a form in the shop when I took out the card but never stipulated that I wanted PPI... Bit nervous about the whole thing. They have filed a defence and now I have the allocation questionnaire to fill in. Yikes...
  14. Hi, I am currently reclaiming charges, interest and PPI (that I did not request) on a store card. It has got to the point where the store card company has issued a defence. I have now received an allocation questionnaire. Can anyone give me advice on how to ensure that the AQ is filled in correctly? I am slightly nervous of filling the details in wrongly as this is a store card not bank charges. Has anyone else had the same experience with store cards???? Thanks:confused:
  15. Hi, I have now received an allocation questionnaire. There is a section which asks if I would like to use the small claims mediation service (should I tick this box?). Is there anywhere that would give advice on filling the questionnaire in correctly? It has a section referring to 'experts'... Also a section asking for other information (do I put supporting information in here??) Again, sorry for all the questions but I want to ensure that all the details are correct. Any help very much appreciated.
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