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  1. Thanks.....I'll do that. I found it helpful reading of successful outcomes.
  2. They have been offered full amount asked for just over 1800 .... Job done! They are well pleased .... No court or anthing Typical ..... arrives just as the FOS letter has gone. But never mind that !! many thanks to everyone. PS can I change the title to reflect change???
  3. Decided to ask, the letter is away. On the grounds nothing ventured nothing gained, and no one said anything here not doing so!!!!! I will see how things pan out! Meanwhile I hear there is a comunication from RBS that arrived today.... my relative is away...... I am on tenderhooks !!!
  4. Anyone help please? My excel is playing up too...cant adjust anything!!!
  5. Today brought another letter from Sandy, saying they are condidering the claim and will be in contact. I think I am correct insaying ...just to fire ahead, keep to our timetables. Ok they want to go down the Financial Ombudsman route ... so will get that sent of tonight/tomorrow. However I think I have slippped up, I asked RBS for the amount going back 5 years (as per going to court) however I think that 6 years can be claimed back, if going this way..... should I mention that in my missive to the Financial Ombudsman?? Anyone help???
  6. Not heard anything after sending the LBA, will wait for the 8 weeks up and go to the Financial Ombudsman, me thinks! (thinks must be darned close to the 8 weeks......where is my calendar....
  7. LBA had been typed tonight ....... Jura
  8. Now that things have started for my relative, they want it done now (would you believe it ..... they had the list of charges for months before deciding .... I was asking, do you want to go for it ... ) yet today I was asked when s the next move!!!! Thats families for you!! ;-) Any way, its now nearly 5 weeks since the first letter (stating 14 days) and near two weeeks since sandys letter was dated. I am thinking its the LBA .... perhaps I should just sent that one to him? Jura Stew are you any further forward?
  9. I am helping someone through this, any advice I give them is just advice, I cannot make them do anything! However by posting this here will help keeping me in the picture ! June last year statements were asked for and recieved. March 15th letter sent to RBOS asking for over 2 000 in charges and interest. Recieved today letter from Sandy Watt saying they are considering the claim and will get back to them asap.
  10. great news congrats Wow...am so impressed you remembered to talk about the interest whilst taken unawares...... whoo hooo :grin: this gives us all the impetus to go for it!
  11. Thanks scotia, was aware of the £750 limit (after reading here) but the 5 /6 years thing only struck home tonight as I was adding up the totals! Thought I had better double/triple check and then ask!!! cheers j
  12. I am just clarifying and making sure that I understand fully, everything! Am I understanding correctly that you can only claim for 5 years in Scotland? TIA
  13. Good luck.... my claim will be over the two grand mark , so summary cause is no good. Think will divide the claims into years .. Keep posting and let us know.... I have been following fruitycars story over on the Scotland board.
  14. Like you am looking at a sum of over £750, I have found the Scotland board valuable. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=71 See if there is anything over there that might be of specific help. They also mention the govan law site ... http://www.govanlc.com/ am trying to get as much info as I can. It seem so unfair the diffences in the law between Scotland and England/Wales, with regard to the small claims issues, however there might be change on the horizon.....
  15. great news, sazz. One down ....... another to go.
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