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  1. Hi ims Thanks for your explanation I think I now understand Thanks for all your help on this Eggie
  2. Hi Ims Looking at my statements the loan started from £42,326.60 and have been paying interest on the figure so the first payment i made breaks down as £250 for loan plus £61.40 for PPI Total monthly payment = £312 Interest due for that month £251.35 but that inludes loan and PPI so if the PPI was not in the interest would be less because i would pay Interest on the £250 so for 4 and 1/4 years been paying Interest on PPI also should'nt that be refundable also ? somewhere along the line I have paid too much Interest. any help sorting this out Thanks Eggie
  3. Thanks for your help I figure I go it sorted the new total is £3,860.08 uptp june 26th , only one more thing left now is when requesting back my PPI how do I work out the total of PPI of £8,326.60 , how much would it cost over the total of 25 years, meaning how much would I pay over the whole 25 years so I can get it deducted from the original total of £34 K, how do I work it out, so I can give a figure to firstplus. Any help gladly appreciated. Eggie
  4. Hi ims Thanks for your advice but how do I use the figure Of 19.67% in my spreadsheet ? because at the moment isn't the spreadsheet set up to calculate 8% interest rate for me Any help gladly appreciated Thanks Eggie
  5. The total you used is the wrong total the total is 42,8326.60 I did correct The figure in later post the interest rate I get is 19.68% £312 x 19.68% = 61.4016 that is what my monthly payment is , did I calculate it Correctly? Thanks Eggie
  6. Hi ims So how do I work out the interest for the monthly payments Mentioned in previous post the one's that were higher than the standard £312 per month . Thanks Eggie
  7. Hi ims i got my statements through and i got it wrong slightly the 1st payment made on 13 march 2007 and last payment made on 13 June 2011 52 payments = £3192.80 interest = £565.23 upto 17 June 2011 total similar to yours £3758.03 also can you tell me what percentage my PPI is to my loan as my payments due to interest rate some monthly payments were at £332.99, £340.76 ,£348.58, £325.06 , £324.95 and £325.06 i assume that would change the statutory interest paid to me. Normal payment is £312.82 any ideas ? Eggie
  8. Hi ims sorry for the late reply down with the flu thanks again for your help just drafting a letter and gonna send it off next got some statements from first plus covering the four and half years and all statements state the 13th as date paid so will use the 13th as the date of claim. Thanks Eggie
  9. HI IMS done the calculations all based on 13th of month and my claim adding both figures together comes to £4060.35p which is a nice tidy sum to claim back thanks for all your help gladly appreciated it thanks again for your help Eggie
  10. Hi ims Thanks for your help gladly appreciated only one more thing after doing the calculations do i add the extra 8% interest on the final total and also what happens to the £8326.60 PPI that was added to the total of £34 K as i was paying interest on the final of £42, 326.60 even though paying for over 4 years i still have a total of over £40 K left yet where as if i didnt have the PPI my original loan of £34 K would have come down by now has less interest would have been added on it. Any thoughts on that Thanks Again Eggie
  11. Hi ims Checked the file from my own post and it opens fine i am using the latest Adobe reader that is 10 i think free from adobe Thanks Eggie
  12. Hi ims Here's the agreement and each instalment was paid on the 13th of each month starting Feb 2007 scan0002.pdf
  13. Hi all Just found my old firstplus paperwork and the loan amount is £34 K and not as stated £35K but the PPI is £8326.60 and total is £42, 326.60 and not as stated £43, 326.60 at 7.7 APR and PPI at 7.464 APR variable PA.£250 for loan per month and £61.40 per month for PPI made 52 payments so far. Can someone please do me the calculations on how much i can claim back because the calculations become complex as i need to take in account the interest paid on the full amount for the last 4 and 1/4 years and the 8% Statutory interest added on top.Too complex for me so can anyone help me out please on how much i am entitled back so i can make a claim for it. Thanks Eggie
  14. Hi dx thanks for your reply, found the questionaire on FOS website so do i claim for 8326.60 as my PPI sum as thats what it says on application under the heading PPI loan £ 8326.60 so is that a single premium? because the intial sum £35 k plus £ 8326.60 total loan loan is £ 43,326.60 so thats what i'm paying back in total. so i presume its a single premium that they charged me. i know i'm asking the same questions over and over again but with interest the sum comes to over £11 k which is alot of money so want to make the complaint correctly for mis selling Thanks Eggie
  15. Hi all Can someone please draft me a letter out so i can claim back my PPI from Firstplus as i having trouble with some calculations. All info is posted at top now have made 52 payments thanks Eggie
  16. hi dx done some calculations but dont seem right ,it states on my agreement 61.20 per month for PPI so 61.20 * 8% = 66.09 66.09 * 51 payments = 3307.59p but my premium is £8326 over 5 yrs so if i divide 8326 by 60 i get 137.26 so if add 8% to that it totals 148.23 times that by 51 payments the total is 7559.73. So i lose out by 766.27 if i dont wait my 60 months , but can u tell me if i claim will my PPI cancell and my monthly payments will they go down to 250 a month or if i wait the full 60 months and they refund 8326 does that mean i still continue to pay the full monthly payment of 312. any help appreciated as figures dont match Eggie
  17. hi all took a secured loan with firstplus on feb 2007 for 35K and PPI for 8326 over 25 yr, which was included in with the loan. Now i am paying 250 for loan and 61. 20p for PPI a month totalling 312 a month at 7.7 apr. Now if i claim on my PPI how much would be entitled to i have made 51 payments so far and claim my PPI back in feb 2012 any help appreciated please Eggie
  18. hi all Intially i started a claim against halifax for my credit card for it's enforceability but as usual Halifax never played along so got fed up and caved in and left the matter half way. Original thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/206664-halifa-cca-recieved-but.html Now just browsing through the site i came across a post from Cit B where he says that when the old Halifax card was the Visa Card and then they switched to the new Mastercard you had to sign a new agreement if not then the card or agreement was void or some words to that effect. Does that mean the new card is void being the the new Mastercard as the balance was carried forward or does it mean the amount of credit spent on the new Mastercard is void but not the old balance carried forward from the old Visa Card. As when my card was changed i never signed any new agreement but got new card sent through the post and told to activate it by telephone number printed on it. Any help appreciated. Eggie
  19. Hi sunflower thanks for the links there hilarious some of the calls made, keep them in mind if and when ever they fone me. thanks for your help i will write back to them and remind them that they havent complied with my request and only communicate by post. Thanks Eggie Keep u posted
  20. hi all i'm back sent two lwtters off one to Halifax and the other to Yorkshire bank. Still no rely from Halifax but got a reply back from Yorkshire see link below: http://i821.photobucket.com/albums/zz133/eggie999/2ndletterfromyorkshiredate17thjuly.jpg As you can see from letter they want me to contact them, is it wise to contact them or do i send them a another letter telling them that the original letter had given them 14 days to comply of which they still have 5 days left on the 14 day notice to comply , so do i wait the 5 days and send some sort of letter telling them they failed to comply with my request therefore account now in Serious dispute. Any help appreciated. The original letter i sent Yorkshire in Post 53. Thanks Eggie
  21. hi sunflower Welcome back i hoped ur enjoyed ur short break sent the letter which i posted couple of posts above to Yorkshire and sent a different letter to Halifax, i had to sent a second letter which i will send tomorrow as the first letter had the date wrong in first paragraph by mistake i put 2nd June 2009 instead of 24th June 2009. the i sending tomorrow to Halifax below: Re: Account Number XXXXXXXXXX ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE - PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER Please ignore letter dated 7th July 2009 the date was wrong in first paragraph should have read 24th June 2009 I declare it null and void so please destroy it. This is an amended version of the letter with correct date, sorry for any inconvenience caused. Re: your recent reply to my request under section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I am in receipt of your letter dated 24th June 2009 and enclosures which the contents have been noted. I thank you for your warning re Claims Management Companies, however, I would point out that I am not using any such company. I have however, researched the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and amendments myself. Having reviewed the copy documents you have sent in response to my request under s78 CCA, I have come to the conclusion that no valid or enforceable agreement exists between us. The documents you have supplied do not relate to me and comply with s61 (1) or s127(3) CCA and are therefore improperly executed and totally unenforceable: You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. On 17th June 2009 I made a formal request for a true signed agreement for the alleged account under consumer credit Act 1974 s77/8 which was received at your office on 23rd June 2009. A copy of which is enclosed for your perusal and ease of reference (See Exhibit 1). You have failed to comply with my request, and as such the account entered default on 7th July 2009. The document that you are obliged to send me is a true copy of the executed agreement that contained all of the prescribed terms, all other required terms and statutory notices and was signed by both your company and myself as defined in section 61(1) of CCA 74 and subsequent Statutory Instruments. If the executed agreement contained any reference to any other document, you are also obliged to send me a copy of that document. In addition a full statement of this account should have been sent to me detailing all debits and credits to the account. Furthermore you are aware that the Consumer Credit Act allows 12 working days for a request for a true copy of a credit agreement to be carried out before your client enters into a default situation. This limit has expired. As you are no doubt aware section 77(6) states: If the creditor fails to comply with Subsection (1) (a) He is not entitled, while the default continues, to enforce the agreement. Therefore this account has become unenforceable at law. As you have failed to comply with a lawful request for a true, signed copy of the said agreement and other relevant documents mentioned in it, failed to send a full statement of the account and Failed to provide any of the documentation requested. Consequentially any legal action you pursue will be averred as both UNLAWFUL and VEXATIOUS. Furthermore I shall counterclaim that any such action constitutes unlawful harassment. Please note you may also consider this letter as a statutory notice under section 10 of the Data Protection Act to cease processing any data in relation to this account with immediate effect. This means you must remove all information regarding this account from your own internal records and from my records with any credit reference agencies. Should you refuse to comply, you must within 14 days provide me with a detailed breakdown of your reasoning behind continuing to process my data. It is not sufficient to simply state that you have a ‘legal right’; you must outline your reasoning in this matter and state upon which legislation this reasoning depends. Furthermore you should be aware that a creditor is not permitted to take Any Action against an account whilst it remains in dispute. The lack of a credit agreement is a very clear dispute and as such the following applies. You may not demand any payment on the account, nor am I obliged to offer any payment to you. You may not add further interest or any charges to the account. You may not pass the account to a third party. You may not register any information in respect of the account with any credit reference agency. You may not issue a default notice related to the account. I reserve the right to report your actions to the Trading Standards, OFT and any other regulatory bodies I see fit to do so. You have 14 days from receiving this letter to contact me with your intentions to resolve this matter which is now a formal complaint. I would appreciate your due diligence in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you in writing. Yours Sincerely i know its nit as detailed as one a few posts above but i thought wait and see what they say if nit then send the letter few posts above. Wait and see what Both Yorkshire and Halifax come back with , most probably just pass the accounts to a DCA firm thats what they been doing so far from what i read from the posts on this and other threads. Keep u posted Thanks Egggie
  22. Hi thanks clemma for your input gladly appreciated also would like to thank CitiB for his input and help on this matter . Keep u posted as what happens. thanks Eggie
  23. Hi Clemma Will it do for both Yorkshire Bank and Halifax Bank or would amendments be needed for Halifax as they never sent any sort of signed CCA out just their usual stuff. thanks Eggie
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