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  1. rupert, PM BRIG ive been talking to him on another 1stcredit case, im one of the good guys.. mainly on
  2. Target are just a bunch of servicers for the loan, they get paid by the now defunct picture to "get the money in" pure and simple, be interesting to see if their employer cant pay them, based on the numbers that were in those PDF's that had been posted up, with increasing arrears etc etc, sooner or later something will happen. x
  3. newflash: rxd from Carters today an immaculate copy of the terms and conditions of the loan??!! This was thrown at them in June (where are T&C etc etc) Phoned court as I smelled a rat, and the hearing is now delayed due to BC "being tardy" (judges words) in providing what was requested 3+ months ago. Cheeky bugger sent it to us 2 days after the court got it! xx
  4. Guys my nephew is in court next thursday on a similar matter (egg) to this thread. its a case hearing by the judge in Norwich. Its been ongoing now since they sued him in January and all the docs are on the table as it were.one pretty tatty looking copy of the original pre 2005 CCA. judge threatened carters to come jup with cca etc in February and it appeared in april.offers have been made for a full and final but Carters have refused , best deal is 60 p/pound, so its go for broke time for the boy. will keep you posted. x
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