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  1. Quote - " Apologies to site team (though I would point that it was myself who drew the abuse in this thread to the site team!) " my response - is simple you take things way too far , and I actually reported and complained about you as well the quote " In your case, however, it would appear to be justified." was a troll post
  2. still sulking* I apologise to you as well I obviously should have made my case more easy to understand , from my viewpoint and not have the bad temper I showed when a different viewpoint intervenes........ I have deleted the earlier comments so , again sorry I merely started the thread , not to complain about a lousy tenner - I can afford to lose that no problem even if I am Scottish and mean spirited ............. I was just trying to say what a great level of harassment you have when you deal with debt collectors . that
  3. Not a problem - no hassle and I apologise unreservedly for being a bad tempered person earlier in the thread - no hard feelings...........
  4. If you check back to post # 18 - actually noomill060 said this , not me , diddydicky. so check your facts when you do a quote, pal. ------------------------------------- and You agreed to this, this is how it works. Sorry dude. True , but how many people really read the small print when they sign up for the Terms & Conditions with paypal you have a point , however thanks
  5. how about you post your telephone number - and I call you out of the blue , with threats and rudeness and then for good added value - I ring you for over a year as well - every week . I kindly refer you to this previous answer " they repaid on my behalf " quote well - I certainly never asked them to do so , as I had ended my a/c if they want to repay money out of their own pocket , without my say so good for them ...........
  6. I was not asking for trouble here ....... but I accept I probably ( rightly or wrongly ) lost it with noomill060 , but I felt he was deliberately being off-topic in the thread ,and starting to annoy me plus my attempt to tell him so , lead another party to leap to his defence - I can handle that . I didn't start this thread , to pick a fight , and not to whinge and moan about ' a tenner ' just how the debt collectors operate - £ 10 to £ 15 it don't matter much to me , it is the small principle of being hounded for a debt I don't owe
  7. The County Court lower Limit is about £ 50 that is correct as regards Scotland V England Debate - I will not take the bait LoL me i couldn't even be bothered starting the bloody thread for 10 quid - well if you are not bothered , why are you responding ? It is you off-topic all the time I am talking about debt collector methods of harassment not the £ 10 - itself - you are off message you not believe in my right to start a thread ? fine - don't respond
  8. Of course, a debt of £10 can brought before a Court. The claim would be for £10, plus the court fee,, all other costs plus County Courtinterest at 8% pa at a daily rate, on top. If you dont pay up you get a CCJ and a visit from bailiff, same as any other CCJ. if it was that easy - why didn't NCO do that simple they would lose money - plus they have to show evidence I owe this debt - which i doubt the other lot have anyway - do I sound worried .............. No as regards Then you are well aware that to win a chargeback, Paypal require proof of DELIVERY, not proof
  9. Excuse me - Do correct me if Im wrong. Can you even show that you posted the item? No. How do you know > - I posted the item and have the postal slip as regards right and wrong - I was not asking for a tirade here ....... just how the debt collectors operate - £ 10 to £ 15 it don't matter much , it is the small principle of being hounded for a debt I don't owe as regards nor is you obvious lack of knowledge of Paypal and the Consumer Action Group I have more knowledge of Paypal , than you think ,but I will save my breath and as rega
  10. Dear Noomill060 - As 73north does owe Paypal a tenner due to Paypal having refunded a buyer over an item not received, it would seem sensible for 73 to reimburse them the tenner, then claiming it back from Royal Mail - thanks kind regards
  11. Hi, Finding this hard to believe really, based on what the OP has stated. Paypal will have a record and for that matter Ebay also of the transaction that took place with yourself and your buyer. They will obviously see that your buyer never opted for the more expensive (signed for) postal service you offered. If the buyer wants to scrimp and save over items which maybe lost in transit that's his problem surely. The trouble is that Ebay doesn't give a damn about anybody , but themselves - they are not interested in me ( or you ) they are only interested in profit as for
  12. The other option is AirSure - with Royal Mail ( costs £ 6.50 ) which is trackable ............ thing was it was my fault not to understand , in the past , that if you don't send ebay items by trackable or signed for mail - then you run the real risk of losing the product and the money , plus postage , if you get paid using paypal big mistake that still happens
  13. this is all unbelievable - The DCA don't know when to give up
  14. Yes, my Brother ( who works for the Council in Building Control ) was absolutely astonishedthat they kept up this campaign for a year - and its not even a hundred pounds , its just over a tenner !! I am so glad I do not owe several hundred pounds , if this is what it is like I have a BIG respect for anyone who gets hounded - it ain't nice and I can add I work in a high pressure outfit ( Operating Theatre ) so I am no push-over, but that first call nearly pushed me to the brink . I knew that there was no way they could take me to court - via the Small Claims Court - as it ha
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