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  1. Okay cool it kermit no need for such a curt response......apologies bones01..i was trying to help someone on a different thread.
  2. I would not rely on your letters being dealt with quickly. there are only a small number of staff dealing with correspondence and just because you have guaranteed delivery your corre will not be dealt with by priority. It sounds as though it is the payment protection scheme on your account if you feel you have paid for everything. You need to call now and cancel this straight away..do you have copy statements from your last purchase to back track...their systems only hold the last eight so anything before that needs extra work...this will take some time. in the mean time cancel the insurance and get yourself on reduced payments (this does not effect your credit rating at all, well it does with them only. If you want to spend with them again they will probably ask for a small deposit). or as its not entirely your fault ask them to freeze your account...all the facilities are there..if the person you are speaking to cant, speak to a manager....dont be scared theyre no more experienced than those advisers taking the calls
  3. on a balance of £600 the lowest minimum payment should be around £30 per month. I know it seems alot but play the system and get yourself out of the three month reminder stage. If you pay this it will remove you from the debt process and take you back to the begginging. If you pay again before another debt letter the minimum again £30 your minimum payment will reduce even more....dont forget to have removed any payment protection its a load of rubbish
  4. Rest assured you do not need added insurance for this..you have twelve months free....
  5. I worked for the company/.. in some cases it could be down to the engineers report. you need to ask to speak to a manager then and them to transfer you to the directors office (dont worry its only a dedicated group of complaint handlers). they need to check the engineers report...if he has fixed the same problem 3 times or more they will replace...as for your damages you will need to put this in writing with quotes. bypass the manager and get to the top ring during the day monday to friday as all offices are open then
  6. well...i used to work for the company for many years so i can help you with any mail order quiry you have. Might i add ( i was not a staff member who abused the system) but staff were/are on a bonus scheme combining of calls answered/product insurance/account insurance/special offers etc all within a matter of minutes...bugger the sales so the can i say minority to get a bonus would add these to your account. the same when calling with an enquiry on your account. The staff read from a screen select the type of problem you are calling about...click on the possible quiry and read the answer......there is nobody there to help... let me know if you have any further problems...well done you
  7. This company have been on sky news recently for harrassing people for payments....
  8. Oh i have recieved a parking contravention enforcement notice for parking at the colton retail park too. The same situation although i am a driver of the vehicle (not the owner). I take my 80 year old mother there nearly every Sunday (the ticket was produced sunday 31.5.09). Should i just ignore it completely and not even respond? Im not paying it anyway.......
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