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  1. So just to clarify - becasue I just read that back... Is it true that a current account is not regulated by the 1974 CCA. And due to the nature of the agreement the DCA would not need to provide a written agreement? Hope that makes more sense... R
  2. Hello, I have been battling my debtors for about six years now and took the advice of this forum to send out some letters to them all asking for my credit agreement. The majority did not reply within 12 days but did eventually. Moorcroft could not provide the agreement and have stopped hassling me. I have since been contacted by another DCA (Equidebt) asking for the same debt and I sent them a letter from this forum telling them that the account was in dispute and they also stopped hassling me. One debtor Blair Oliver came back with the agreement - it is a loan signed in 2003 so hope
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