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  1. Thank you for the help so far, just to clarify a few points. Yes Yes I did make an assumption, but it was the person running the branch while manager was not there. I wanted a platinum account, which this same account was 18 months ago before I downgraded it when opening the joint account. Today I asked their twitter people about the account type and they said it was odd as they do offer the platinum account still both in branch and online. My thoughts exactly. Oh they also don't seem to be able to send me a statement for the account that
  2. Details are as follows Me and my now ex partner setup a joint account 18months ago. 3 weeks my ex partner closed the account (without my permission) and moved all the existing direct debits to my existing personal account without my permission. Lloyds customer service have lied to me saying it was done using the switching service (over 2 week period), even though I have a call recording with the branch deputy manager confirming it was done by a member of staff in branch. I went to branch today to try and get my personal account changed into an account with simil
  3. some advice please My gf hit a parked car at 6.30am on way to work. Car wasn't parked outside a particular house and being this early in the morning didn't she didn't want to go knocking on doors. She left her mobile number on the windscreen and went on her way. Having not heard anything all day (while at work) she didn't do what she should of done and report it, instead she didn't do anything. The next day the owner of the vechile found her vechile (we live just round the corner) and left a message on the windscreen asking ask to contact them, explaining a neighbour had seen the accident a
  4. Hello, I had purchased a domain name from a well known provider on 10/10/2010 it was a year by year renewal and this year I had decided to not renew the domain. The renewal date was the 10/10/2013 and on the 01/10/2013 I received an email confirming a payment had been taken renewing the domain for a further year. At this point the domain was set to auto renew but I had planned to change this before the renewal date. I asked for a refund but the provider won't budge, their terms state they may take the payment up to 7 days before the renewal date and even though they admit they have
  5. Thank you for those. Having read those links I'm happy that the item was not as described. The only two things that concern me are:- 1) the time period - I know this is the million dollar question but in this instance would 18 months beconsidered reasonable to have discovered this. I think it is because it isn't something that is "used" until it is needed, and I only used once an item needed replacing. 2) the items i brought with it - While on the same sale they are not faulty. However I don't believe the retailer will be able to supply me a replacement (if I get to that point)
  6. Thanks for the Info but is not a case of confusing the b and B. The board reports the speed in the same way as described in the board specs. I've found another person who had a reply from msi saying that the board will not run over 2.5Gb/s. Board is not as described.
  7. Thats just it, up until recently only been using standard 7200rpm, but have just got a ssdd and this is how I've found the problem. Also the chipset itself reports it can only run at 5Gb/s and is only running at 2.5Gb/s but neither msi or retailer can work out to get the 5Gb/s. Either way it certainly doesn't do up to 6, it only does up to 5.
  8. That was my first thought but with broadband for example its not that the equipment (line/modem/exchange) that can't do that speed. Put it another way if virgin turned round and said you can have 50mb broadband, and you can get the whole 50mb but then only put in a cable that could support 40mb they have mis sold the product, even if they advertise up to 50mb, because you can't get it with what they provided. it is an msi x58-gd65 by the way.
  9. I purchased a motherboard from an online retailer back in Jan 2010 along with a cpu and ram. I had a fault with both the ram and motherboard and they were exchanged around June 2010. I recently purchased a new hard drive and found that the motherboard does not offer a particular feature it was described as having. Although I've only just found this out, there was no way of knowing it was missing this feature untill I had purchased a new hard drive. Basically a type of connection on this board is suppose to be able to offer speeds up to 6Gb/s, and it can actually only offer speeds lower th
  10. I brought a couple of items from scan at the end of Jan 2010 and 2 of them developed a fault. 1 was very obvious but the other only happened when the item had been turned off for around 10 hours. Anyway I sent both items back and the first item (the one with the obvious fault) was replaced. The second item was returned as they could not find a fault, even though I had told them how to reproduce it. Anyway I put the computer back together and exactly the same fault is still there. I've now sent them a video of the fault (it is something that can be "seen") and asked them to get a man
  11. Thought I would just update this. Finally got a response to my appeal today and they have cancelled the ticket. Yay. The letter was funny to read, they attached a picture of my car clearly inside the bay but disputing my photographs and video (emailed them the video) showing my car and the CEO. Claiming the CEO was a credible witness, and then said they had cancelled the charge. Just a side note Green_and_mean but it is permitted to stop in marked bays on Red Routes where they exist and you observe the conditions which I did.
  12. The red one and the first sign applies to red route
  13. Sorry maybe my choice of words was not best. By parked I meant stationary. I was taking some computer equipment from my car to a customer across the road. I made 3 trips during the time I was "parked" I got the ticket while getting my paperwork signed.
  14. Today I was parked in a parking bay on a red route. There are 2 signs located near to the bays which face on coming traffic. The first sign http://i838.photobucket.com/albums/zz302/drifter104/1stsign.jpg states loading is allowed for up to 20 minutes, I was parked for 10-15 mins, (I got back as the ticket was being placed @ 16:06) this sign is located inside the parking bay lines. The second sign http://i838.photobucket.com/albums/zz302/drifter104/2ndsign.jpg states only parking is not allowed between 7am and 7pm except for 1 hour between 10am - 4pm, but as you can see from the pi
  15. Hello, Today I was out shopping with some family members. Both myself my dad drove and parked in the same carpark. I purchased a pay and display ticket, while my dad displayed my nans blue badge (my nan also being along for the trip and traveling in my dads car) however he was not parked in a designated disabled bay, these were all full. We both returned from shopping to find a ticket on his car. Having inspected the ticket in the reason box is "2. See signage" With "2" refering to the code on the back that states "Parked in a pay and display car park without clearly displaying a va
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