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  1. i do not sit on page solving problems but if i did i would not judge people, i would probably try and give advice to help them but i would never sit behind a pc and call anyone ignorant, even if they were you just wouldn't say it. there are some people who might genuinely be unaware of the violation.
  2. there is also a human right called freedom of speech. so i think were quits. also having read through some of the posts from people asking for help on here and then reading some of the replies from the same sources that ive had, it does seem this is not the place to come for some friendly advice, after all the law says that you are innocent until proven guilty, sadly there are some quite aggressive answers on here. it also seems that you cant answer a question without name calling, in law that would not happen
  3. just emailed my appeal today, i have a lot going on in my life including family law as well as a sick daughter, ive basically begged them to help me and its nothing to do with ignorance at all thats really rude of you to say that, i came on here for advice i actually believed i was ok to park for 5 minutes or less, yes i should have read the blue badge book but i didnt and even if i did theres too much to remember I believed that the rate stays at the reduced rate on an appeal http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=56882&hl=
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/2524/dft-2011-13-consultation-document.pdf found this bit of info, because i have never had a ticket for parking in a loading bay before i never knew it was an offence, as i say you live and learn even so i will appeal
  5. I parked there because i did not know it was a parking ticket offence, i do not live there and if i had known i would not have parked there. the loading bay was in a quiet side road, i didnt want to stop on a busy main road as i thought it would be safer and its difficult stopping on Uxbridge road itself to park i really never thought the council could stoop so low in searching on their cctv for £65, thats more than i get as a carers allowance for my daughter oh well, you live and you learn
  6. I parked in a loading bay from 11.36am to 11.41am and displayed my blue badge i had a cctv video me and issued a ticket through the post today under contravention 23L parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle i was parking in what they describe as loading place, goods vehicle- lime gro by side of 29 uxbridge rd, This is Hammersmith and fulham council i never noticed any lines etc as i just sat in the car for this length of time i thought it would be ok can i appeal?
  7. she hasnt got a drivers license and doesnt know how to drive, her cond has made her sight bad its a rare condition. im a named driver on the insurance and i tried to expain to the LT that i had a lot on my mind i have my 2 g/kids both under 4 living with me court case was pending etc so im a carer for 3 and id just moved back to london after living 20 yrs in ****ty brighton(my opinion of course) i didnt know the rules of a box junction and was trapped i couldnt drive to the left as its a bus lane and the right is an island and there was traffic lights ahead, i would have never known my ba
  8. is the pcn valid as my daughter wasnt driving and its all in her name?? or am i getting my hopes up ?? im the driver (her mum) as shes disabled
  9. we got the car last oct frm new and im the driver my daughter cant drive, shes on dla high rate and im middle rate carer
  10. yes it has she is disabled as from last yr after getting headaches im her carer and the car is a motorbility car
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