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  1. Well, its been a little over a week since I sent the letter, the phone calls stopped on Monday (18/06) - a little after 4 days after I sent my letter and I have heard nothing from them as yet. Hopefully (and in an ideal world) this is over but I suspect that they are either investigating or, have closed the account and are looking for the next sucker to flog the account to... Whilst I shall be glad of the rest, I was thinking that in my response to their response of advising them to seek legal advice against HSBC for breach of contract for selling them a clearly stat barred account o
  2. Again, this is a case of me looking at & believing what is written on the statement. How many calls in a day constitutes harrassment? I am currently up to 6, though I am unsure of how I am going to prove it. Hopefully this shall stop shortly after they receive my complaint letter.
  3. Oh the pain of it... I am in the nasty habit of destroying anything older than 5 years grr @ self! The final statement in the batch they sent over does show a zero balance (back in 2009 when HSBC closed the account) but Lowells have explained this as being zero-ed in prep for its sale. I still find it boggling why it has taken three years from when the account was closed to when Lowells finally made contact. I also find it odd that dca's would take-on debts that are clearly statute barred or is it more of a case that they shall attempt to pursue until the debtor states as such t
  4. I intend to follow all the advice; Lowells have already called me 3 times before 12. I shall send them I stifley worded letter of complaint advising that the alleged debt is both in dispute so they are in breach of reg 3.9(j) of the oft guidelines and so collections activity must cease with immediate effect, that the debt is not mine and I do not acknowledge the debt and finally thta the debt is statute barred under the Limitations Act 1980 and as per Silverdale, I shall request all communication to cease lest they wish for me to take my complaint to the fos. My intention is to just
  5. I know you were trying to confirm and like you, once the statement is no longer available to the account owner, I too wouldn't be surprised if they started to 'add' transactions in the hope that individuals do not notice; admittedly, whilst I do remember the visit to the branch, and changing my address (it was actually quite a nice autumn afternoon, about 18 degrees, nice and sunny - for Pontypridd) I actually cannot remember making the payment, this also seems especially strange as the only bank accounts I have ever had open and active are my personal account with Barclays (opened and in use
  6. Thank-you everyone for your advice so far. Silverdale, yes the deposit is showing on the statement and (despite it being some time now) the degree to which I alluded to was Law with specialism in (get this) consumer and contracts - its just that I have now spent several years in business intelligence and am a little flakey in the area; in short, I have a very good memory (lawyers) memory. I think that as Mike has pointed out, this could be a new one maybe? in the DCA's trying to circumvent the statute barred and to revive the debt or at least the clock and then trying it on in
  7. How do I seek to limit the damage done by my own error of agreeing to make payments towards the debt? Whilst I maintained during the call that the debt isn't mine, and was thus following their advise that clearing the balance was the only way that I could remove it from my credit file, I did make a payment of £1.01 on 08/06/2012 - my concern is that this would be taken as my accepting the debt (despite me saying that I hadn't) and would thus remove dsb defence as they would seek to rely on this to prove: i. That I accepted the debt was mine ii. That I made a payment towards the debt and so
  8. Thank-you everyone. I have regularly checked my credit files Experian & Equifax, there was nothing on them in April, neither has anything ever been registered at least as far back to 2006 - may have to re-check now though. I was thinking was this dsb based on no activity and my last payment towards the debt being Oct 2005 though I wasn't sure as to whether dsb would come into effect from Feb 09 when the account was closed - also seems strange that it has taken 3 years for the debt to come to me. I shall put through a SAR to HSBC and I shall be contacting Lowells by post to a
  9. Hi Guys, This may be simpler and really I am looking for confirmation that I am going in the right direction but: In October 2002 I took out an £800 12 month loan with HSBC; with no bank account, HSBC opened a new account from which to take the funds. I finished paying the loan in October 2003 (just after I left for uni) and as far as I am concerned, this was the last time I used the account until October 2005 when I for some reason (not sure why), I deposited the amount of £37.52 - not sure as to the precise nature of the amount, but I do remember the purpose of the visit to th
  10. Thanks guys, I knew it was probably a long shot just does seem a little frustrating that it came to this particularly had I been made aware of the issues - basically, despite my sending the funds to Tesco and their statement showing as accepted, Tesco was claiming that I hadn't made any payments since May 2011. You've heard it all before, you may have thought it even, but it does seem too easy to screw around with people's credit files, and the postal rules of a letter is considered to be accepted from the moment it is posted rather than once accepted by the intended receiver doesn't help
  11. Hi guys, this story comes in two parts, either way, I really need some help as to sorting out the mess. Before we begin, the background is: In June 2008 I took out a 60-month £10k loan with Tesco at £198 per month; I made every payment to Tesco without fail until October 2010 wherein, to enhance my career (fed-up of serious under-payment) I took a lower-paid job though a serious error of judgement on my part ensured that I could not maintain my payments with all of my creditors. Having missed four payments with Tesco, they accepted my offer of £40 pm until June 2011 where they
  12. Thanks slick I really wish it were that simple. I already do bank elsewhere, a second conversation with collections had put the figure at 50 pm to cover the interest and reduce the balance by a measley 10 pm. Unfortunately due to the nature of my work ( I work in a regulated industry) I cannot go down the debt collections / ccj route for fear of losing my job. Can you explain how I go about opening negotiations with the bank about repayments where no additional charges are levied.
  13. Right, so I contacted the collections team and was advised that as a result of Barclays charges I now needed to pay £190 in order to bring the account back under its overdraft limit, failure to do so in the next 10 days would result in the account being closed and legal action being taken to retrieve the full balance amount. I made a promise to pay the amount by 01/09/11 to prevent any further action to which Barclays agreed, I also paid £40 there and then to cover the additional interest charge being applied to the account the next day. I made a payment of £200 on the 1st September
  14. If we go back to the original post, they had been taking more to cover their charges but without first advising / agreeing this with me first [which would explain why we were left with far less money than we had been expecting] this aside, I find it difficult to swallow that despite their taking more money, they still decided to add further charges on the 7th July that caused me to break the agreement and to have had to fork out 220.00 for the final payment (180.00 + additional 40.00 interest). This is more than them having their cake and eating it. I have decided to play ball for a
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