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  1. Hi Slick, Yes BC have had my address as I have been in my property for a long time. The defaults are for the same amounts and the same date. One by Barclaycard and one by a DCA. Mercers had it for a while then passed to another DCA, then nothing for a year or so. They finally answered my CCA request, and sent a copy of agreement signed over ten years ago, with current T & C's . On this basis I held the account still in dispute as they did not fully comply with CCA request.
  2. Hi, I took a loan with (Un)Welcome Finance in 2006. In order to do their prelim checks (which they did after giving me the money) they called my referees and told them information that is data protected. I disputed the account and then agreed to payments of £20.00 per month until dispute resolved. Dispute never resolved. I then requested a copy of CCA. No CCA for over a year, so I stopped paying. I have heard nothing from these fools since I was forced to attend the shoddy offices in 2006 to sign the original paperwork. A man in their offices simply asked me to pay £20 per month until dispute settled. They then kept taking £20 per month until I cancelled the card. They have entered a default for the same loan twice in 2010. No letter to me to advise this was their intention. Now a DCA is chasing for payment. What should I do?
  3. In 2009 I requested a CCA from Barclaycard and SAR. No response. I put the account in dispute until I received relevant terms and conditions applicable to me at time I signed Barclaycard in 1998. They kept sending me current terms and conditions. At this point I no longer had use of the card and had not made payment for some years. in 2010 unknown to me Barclarcard has entered a default for the same credit card twice. What should I do? Do I dispute the default? Any advice appreciated.
  4. Hi Fredrickson are chasing for payment of a rather old Egg loan. My credit file shows more than one default for the same debt. In 2009 I disputed the debt on the basis of unenforceability. The refused to send the SAR and finally sent it about 2 years later. In the interim I was chased by the usual DCA's and sent them all the 'account in dispute' letter. About 18 months ago, Freds sent me their first letter asking for payment. I then sent them the account in dispute letter and prove assignment as I had with the others before them. They responded with a letter full of waffle and I ignored it. There was no proof of assignment and Egg did not pursue this line of argument, that Freds acted on their behalf. I hear nothing from Egg/Moorcroft/Arrow Global/Freds for ages and now with a few months before default drops off file, they send these letters. SAR does not show PPI, but from the figures, something does not add up. All details for first loan and credit card missing from SAR. Do I dispute the mulitple defaults for the one debt? Can a CCJ be applied to a file for same the debt once a Default expires? Do I send Freds another 'Account in dispute letter'? Do I contact Barclays as they now own all Egg debts? Less than 6 months before Default expires. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I checked my credit file today with a Multi- Agency Credit Reference agency. I saw a lot of defaults, many of them in duplicate! The questions I have are as follows: Do I say nothing and wait a few months until defaults drop off? (due to drop of at some point in 2012) Is it true that after 6 years the default drops off, paid or unpaid and cannot be chased? Was planning on hanging on in there until the 6 year statute bar applies? Any thoughts Background-The debts in question: Egg- requested CCA a million times and they did not reply for 2 years! Admitted as much in a letter. I stopped paying them in 2006 and was defaulted then. I believe we came to an arrangement of sorts at some point in 2009 and then when no response from CCA request I stopped all payment completely. Credit file does not reference this though. They sent the account to a few DCA's including the illiterate FREDICKS and MOORCRAP and I wrote to all disputing debt due to CCA being unenforceable. Then high court judgement changed my views on sucessfully claiming in court. Since this time (OFT judgement) I've laid low and am wondering if I should ask for Compensation for duplicate entries (differing amounts but definately same debt) or just await the drop off from my credit file and look forward to a clean one in a few months. Default on credit file dated 2006. BarclaySharks -This lot have defaulted me in 2010 and I disputed the card in 2006, no payment since 2009. Entered default twice too. SAR not complied with, so cancelled payment arrangement. Heard nothing more, despite writing to them to solve on several occasions, now defaulted for same debt twice- two differing amounts. Welcome Finance Took loan in 2006, disputed due to CCA errors in 2006, stopped paying in 2006, defaulted in 2010- Twice- two differing amounts. Halifax Had a current account. Over limit by under £10, then charged £5 a day until £500 added. Disputed, won dispute, charges removed, but today noticed Default. Bit peed, because they upped my account to an Ultimate Rew(f)raud Account a few months later. Aren't I lucky. Can I ask for this to be removed as the reason for the dispute was due to me not being aware of the new terms and conditions as they had not sent to me, changing my interest from £6 a month to £31 a month as well as £5 a day for going over O/D limit (by 8 quid if I remember correctly) T-mobile Sent me to DCA for unpaid disputed bill. Went abroad in the days before Android phones and got an unexpected bill. They wanted all straight away. Couldn't afford so paid in installments. One day got letter from DCA, despite not missing any payments with them and instead of arguing agreed to continue paying them as the balance was quite small. Long and short they did not send a bill for final £16, nor chase me, but added default for £16! have since paid but default still there and reporting with credit agencies as still unsatisfied. Would like to write and ask for compensation as last payment in full and final was sent to DCA in 2009. In 2012 when I queried this, DCA now say they have no record of me (Moorcraps) They had record of me when they were harassing me for money ironically. AA Finance Defaulted in 2006. Asked for copy CCA nothing- account was sent to BOS. Currently in payment arrangement with them. Requested CCA from BOS in 2010 and paid fee, no response from BOS or AA. Re-requested same information from BOS today and advised will stay over my S/O until copy CCA or notice of assignment provided. In the alternative should I wait until end of the year and stop paying BOS? Will the SB not be enforceable as I have been making payments to BOS in a payment arrangment? Finally, I have lived at my address for donkeys so no address issues and have been on the ER the whole time. All the above are unsecured debts and I want to make an application for mortgage now but due to credit history am reluctant. Thanks for reading, hoping to get some responses. Thank you, SillyEgg1
  6. Well I have checked my credit file today also and note that Egg have marked my file twice for the same debt as have two others. You cannot default and be settled on the same day so one, if not both dates are incorrect. Write to Egg and ask them to remove.
  7. Hi, i have a loan with Welcome. Requested CCA on numerous occasions No response. Advised them as defaulted on request that i'd cease payments. Dodgy default. Dodgy loan agreement. No word from Welcome. Now DLC chasing. Have sent 'refrain from chase' letter. What is best way to get them to court? Anyone else experience similar?
  8. Militant Consumer has won against Egg- unenforceable agreements. What is the way forward?
  9. Hi, I applied for a copy of CCA. Received out of time, but a copy nontheless. My CCA request was sent to Nottingham HQ address. Received a telephone call from a pratt stating I had to talk to him over the phone and that I must send all future letters to a different address...Are these just silly tactics, or should I continue to liase with neww address? I have sent a response letter to the new address that isn't HQ, but I have never received anything with this new address on it. Pratt just calls me instead. A soon as I sent a disputed account letter, I was sent a default letter. I called Pratt to give him a piece of my mind and remind him that the account was in dispute. Pratt wanted me to tell him the nature of the dispute there and then. I advised him to re-read a copy of the letter sent to his offices by recorded delivery, if he could in fact read. Pratt called me again, I was waiting by my telephone in anticipation of his call, I actually answered the handset, "Hello Pratt, How did I know it was you? Only you call me, on this number, and I don't have caller ID". Pratt talks crap, and I advise him of this. A week or so later and "Gruff man from the Lewis Group" knocked on my door and said "you have to open the door now, it's the law" If I was an elderly person I may have fallen for this type of threat. As it was he woke me up too early. Welcome hadn't even bothered to tell me they were sending the account to "Gruff man" nor had "Gruff man" bothered to tell me he was paying me a vist. I did not get a letter of any kind, and 5 days later, still nothing from Gruffman or his group! I want to respond to the fact that Pratt still calls me, Gruff man lost his manners and did not advise me he was visiting, but I want to send to correct address but cannot face a telehone call with the new adventures of "Morons R Us" Any advice pls. Thx
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum and have read a lot of the posts re Egg Loans (esp consolidated C/cards with loan) and I find myself in the same positon as Militantconsumer's friend. I have gathered all the info I have re my Egg loan and lo and behold, I have not had a statement of account and believe my loan is also unenforceable. I am going to send off a SAR to see exactly what they have. I will upload the CCA when they send me the copy they have on their files. Do I take it that if they fail to provide me with a copy of the original CCA that the contract becomes unenforceable? In addition, I do not have a "total amount of credit" nor details of the C/card that was consolidated into the loan. I simply have a principle loan amount, the amount of months payable and the amount payable per month. No total amount of credit, nor total amount payable with credit and principle loan.
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