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  1. One final update! Basically the following: Swift sterling responded to my initial email straight away, accepted my plan and gave me their bank details, perfect from my point. Mr lender, responded to my initial email and after a little negotiating via email, a 6 month plan was agreed within 24 hours and they supplied me with their bank account details. Paydayexpress, ignored my initial email and just sent me one text every day asking for payment, I responded every few days with a quick email. They did not respond until I sent a further email threatening an official complaint, then they
  2. Thanks for the advice renegade, anything I can pick up from other people is very very much appreciated.
  3. Hi anyone! Further update, not much really. Minicredit, payday express and wonga all never replied to my initial email at first. I received a couple of texts and emails from all three said they would add charges etc, only a couple of automated phone calls from wonga, which I ignored the first one but answered the second through curiosity, however it was just a bionic woman not a real person soi hung up. Not really too much harassment, so can't complain on that front. Today both payday express and wonga have replied to my initial email asking me to complete income and expenditure f
  4. Cheers, I am expecting the worst because I have had two fairly easy ones! But the less companies who are causing you sleepless nights the better I suppose! And three is better than five! Will keep you updated!
  5. Hi anyone who's there Just an update. Mr lender emailed me later yesterday, no further phone calls by he way, but one text, and offered me a repayment plan. This was over 6 months which was a little bit quicker and obviously the amounts were a little higher than I wanted, but they agreed to add no charges or interest. So I suppose in this situation a little give and take may be the way to go! I asked them to put in writing that this would then settle the account in full, and outline all the dates payments are due, and also confirm that no interest or charges would be added. I also as
  6. Quick update, two loans were actually due today but both payments were declined and no money taken, which is a bit of a relief, but still got Monday (d day) to come! I did however still email santander and confirm in writing that I wished to cancel all cpa's and would demand an immediate refund if any payments were processed, and would lodge a formal complaint, so fingers crossed that should be that! Having sent my initial emails to all creditors, only the one had rung so far (mr lender), as I am not at work today I decided to answer the phone, but instructed the advisor at the other en
  7. Ok thanks for your advice! Will post if anything gets taken or not! I read a lot of threads and people just seem to stop posting and we don't see any outcomes!! Then let the barrage of emails commence!!!
  8. Brilliant, citizen, thanks. Do you think an email will suffice? Obviously fingers crossed that my loan doesn't go out tomorrow, and even if I posted a letter first class, when they receive it on Monday the other loans would be due!!
  9. Ok cheers, will try an email tomorrow, one loan due tomorrow but rest not whole Monday, so no point in posting anything, won't get there in time!!
  10. But I rang them and they said there was nothing to cancel. They didn't refuse to cancel, just said there was nothing to cancel. Surely, unless the bank are outright lying to me, there is nothing to cancel, so even if I rang tomorrow I will just get told the same! Also I double checked with the guy who cancelled my card and he said no payments could be taken using that card!!! I don't see what more I could do!!
  11. Hi all I have several payday loans totalling 3500. I like many have reached the point where I can no longer carry on with roll overs etc. trawling though this site I have picked up many ideas and tips on how to start things off. Firstly I rang my bank today and asked to cancel all the cpa's on my account. They advised me that none were set up and all previous payments to payday companies had been classed as one offs! This seemed a bit strange to me, but I bank with Santander and they are supposed to be one of he more reputable, so I have no reason to doubt what they say. Never
  12. Yep I did same, hoping that is enough to stop them taking anything, but looking through this site it would appear that on occasion they can still get money! Bit worried but nothing new there! Going off what other people have put, it would some seem that any reasonable offer which is not accepted is against all the guidelines and regulations. But on the other hand they don't seem to care! I am expecting a lot of stress I the next few weeks
  13. Also sorry to butt in on this thread, but can't see how to start a new thread of my own?
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