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  1. I rang fine office in Kent who had my details first.lady sounded agitated from the start i think she was having a bad day.She told me its with surrey court who have passed it on to marston.I kept asking her why i never received anything in post and she hung up.she had no answer to my question. she didnt mention which court in surrey.Surrey is big and there are quite a few megistrates court But.. there is only one fines department for Kent and surrey and thats in Kent,the first place i rang.forget any explanation for now, they dont even know what there jobs are,Kent office tells me to ring Surr
  2. There is a good news and a bad news.I rang court today regarding my fine which was in the city i live.they said its on the system and not with the bailiffs anymore and took the payment straight away and gave me an authorisation code.its all done and dealt with.thats the good news the bad news is second fine was in a different county.it was in Kent.when i pleaded guilty without wasting court's time,they gave me a fine but i never received any correspondace regarding that at all.not a single letter.i assumed that they have combined both my fines together but i found out from bailiff the other
  3. I most certainly will do.he just showed up at my door and i had no clue what to do or how to deal with him.I will ask him for his ID to prove he is a bailiff and for a warrant,do warrants have an expiry date?
  4. Hi MARTIN3030 This was my first post it gave me an option to tweet it so i did. did i do anything wrong?sorry if i did.
  5. First of all,Thank you ever so much for your quick reply To be very honest, he took his badge out of his pocket for literally a second.The way he started off with an angry face like he is dealing with a serial killer,he didnt give me a chance to look at his badge thoroughly.but it was not a big yellow one, i am 100% sure it was a small one with some red on it.See now it makes more sense.I am willing to pay £510 that doesnt sound too bad compared to £850 he is demanding. I will ring the court manager first thing in the morning and ask him what you suggested.I will keep you up to dated.
  6. I can see some guys are willing to help and are reading through,If you guys have any questions please ask.
  7. I am going through something similar,I have posted a new thread please help me.I shall be ever so greatful to you all.I am relying on some expert advice in this matter. Search Marston group is harrassing me.Please help. in the search box.please reply soon before marston bully returns.Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I received a letter posted by hand 13 days ago regarding two unpaid court fine from marston group.My fine was originally £110 and the other one was £125 but i was paying it off using hmcs card payment service,£5 a week.I was in full time education living on a tightest budget.ALG (adult learnign grant) my passport had to go to homeoffice for a visa renewal.it normally takes 12 weeks or more but in my case it took 6 months and when my visa was about to run nobody wanted to give me a job if in case i dont get a new vise and the money they spent goes down the drain. I finally finished c
  9. Hi, I parked my car in february 2011 in a pay and display street parking with a valid parking ticket on it,when i came back there was a penalty ticket on my car but there was still more than 40 minutes on a parkign ticket that was clearly displayed on it,i looked around and i found the traffic warden who i believed left a ticket on my car,i spoke to him in a polite manner,he apologized and said that wirte to the gloucester council and they will cancel the fine,i wrtoe to them with the photocopies of parking tickets and explaination but they never replied,i assumed they cancelled it,after few
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