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  1. hi,i wasnt expecting to recieve anything,,your policy is in force,,you are only claiming against picture for selling you the policy,,remember picture no longer exists,,they trade under a new name,,everything with your policy stays the same,,as im now actually claiming on mine now,for the first time..its the fscs that pay you out ,not the insurance company,,,your claim is against picture,,they give you the money back as if you had not bought the policy,,it is up to you if you pay back the policy money ,then cancel it altogether..i put my claim in around the start of 08..
  2. yes ,,sorry i paid picture for nearly 3 yrs,,i hope this helps
  3. yes there was a break down ,but they give you a chance to write in if you think,the amount is wrong,,thats what im waiting for ,to see other peoples reactions,,remember they only pay 90% of anything over £2000,,it also says there is no payment for future payments or the term of the loan,,just giving you the money back for the original ppi policy plus a little compensation ,which doesnt seem right to me..im not banking the cheque just yet ,,ill wait and see ... and to the other question ,it was a secured loan,with ppi..
  4. hi,all ...today is the 05/10/09,,and we have just been paid off by the fscs,,our policy was for £16342,,,and we have been paid back £20000..today..we are not banking the check as we will wait if this is about right,and to see what other people get....we were number 19 on the ref..numbers ,,,hope to here good news soon of other members ..good luck all...:)
  5. phoned today,,everything is correct..picture are in default.. but could take upto 6 months to get your claim sorted.... good luck everyone..
  6. hi,,i also have a picture claim on going at the moment,,i phoned the fcsc,today and ask for a time scale to end this travesty,,i explained people thought picture would be in default this june/july//all the fscs said was this was not true and the investigation is still ongoing,,,, i wouldnt hold out much hope of this being settled soon,,
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